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Do you work with an MOA who has gone above and beyond for the community, clinic, or patients? Let us know about it! We want to highlight the amazing work MOAs in our community are doing. The MOA who is selected will be spotlighted on our social media with their picture and the story behind why they are an All-Star!

December 2022

Thank you to Tammy at Pinetree Medical

She is our office foodie. She goes above and beyond for people-not just patients. She recently helped a person, not an office patient, in distress to get emergency care and stayed after her regular hours to do so. Thank you Tammy!!

November 2022

Thank you to Melanie at Tri-City Family Practice

Melz has been with us for 26 years! Always vibrant, energetic and passionate about her work. Patients love her caring personality. We have had staff turnovers in the past year - Mel had to run our office herself for almost 2 months! She knows her work and is an absolute pleasure to work with!

October 2022

Thank you to Jess Sia at Meadowbrook Family Practice

Excellent attitude and work ethic - always willing to do more and learn more. She is a valuable member of the Meadowbrook team

May 2022

Thank you to the Good Health Family Medicine Team (Cheryl, Vanessa, Dulce and Elizabeth)

A wonderful group of staff!! They are hard working, supportive to each other as a team, patient, kind, great with patients and eager to learn and help! Pleasure to work with them all!

March 2022

Thank you to Louise at Austin Family Physicians

Hard working, holds the whole practice together, very knowledgeable, actively supports physicians with everything, the office would fall apart without her. Always looking out for ways to make the practice more efficient and thrive.

December 2021

Thank you to Samantha, Kelly, Tammy, Marianne, Merlie, & Elizabeth

We at Pinetree Medical would like to nominate our MOA team of 6 for the MOA all-star of the month (Samantha, Kelly, Tammy, Marianne, Merlie, Elizabeth). Our 2 full time staff and 4 part time staff have been working tirelessly during covid to help our patients navigate the new model of care. They put up with the tremendous amount of extra workload and helped take on each other's load when someone couldn't to come in to work. They worked as a strong team and we are so thankful for all their energy, compassion, and perseverance.

November 2021

Thank you to Melanie at Tri-City Family Practice 

Melanie is kind to everyone and goes above and beyond as a team member of the whole care team and makes sure that she passes information along, ensures communication to the rest of the team and overall the patients love her.

October 2021

Thank you to Michelle, Marina, Kim, & Fernanda at Foothills Medical Clinic

This Amazing team has worked collaboratively throughout the pandemic to help keep the clinic open and operating 7 days a week. Their dedication to patient care and positive attitudes makes the clinic a wondering environment for patients and all the staff.

September 2021

Thank you to Louise at Austin Family Physicians

Louise wears many hats and has been working for Austin Family Physicians for many years. She helps to manage the clinic, train new MOAs, calls patients, does the billing and goes above and beyond for the clinic. Thank you to Louise for all that you do for the clinic and for our community!

August 2021

Thank you to the MOA team at Highroads Medical

Maria Collins, Corey Beale, Katherine Minaya, Kim Wong, Melissa Mork, Helen Mihalovich, & Jessica Easton. I would love to vote for my whole team they are an amazing group of staff who have not missed a beat since the covid 19 pandemic we closed our doors March 13, 2020 and by March 18th we were up and running virtually to service our patients needs.

July 2021

Thank you to Katherine, Alanna and Tracey

Katherine, Alanna and Tracey are the glue that binds Care4You together; when Care4You lost two physicians during the height of COVID our office was turned upside down, and without their calm steady approach we wouldn't have made it through. Friends away from work, these 3 All Star MOAs make each day a joy to work, helping our team find the positive when tough times hit. Always up for a challenge, they have gone above and beyond to welcome and bring on board four new practitioners in the last year. Care4You is truly a family thanks to these three!

June 2021

Thank you to Suzanne from the Port Moody Maternity Clinic

Suzanne has been with CMC since the beginning of the clinic, and we would truly be nowhere without her. She loves her work and her caring and respect for our patients is evident every day. She not only is an understanding voice on the phone, but does whatever it takes to ensure patient needs, as well as the needs of all the doctors and other staff are attended to. To the point of contacting ultrasound facilities on weekends, calling for missing labs even on her days off and going to all lengths to help unattached families navigate finding a new family doc. We recently have had a new MOA and Nurse in Practice both start the same week, and Suzanne has been there to support their becoming part of our team in their new roles on top of her usual activities.

May 2021

Thank you to Caroline Van Nes and Danielle Serna

Burke Mountain Medical says they are blessed to have two outstanding MOAs in their office – Caroline Van Nes and Danielle Serna!
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were one of the few practices that did not close their office. Unfortunately, they lost three MOAs during that period and both Caroline Van Nes and Danielle Sernathe stepped up and helped them with running the clinic for close to 6 months together with the referral desk and the manager.

Ms Serna has an outstanding clinical performance. She is keen on mentoring new MOAs by teaching them precise efficient methods of completing their specific tasks in a friendly upbeat manner. She is a key person in the overall cheerful & professional atmosphere of the clinic.

Ms Van Nes has an outstanding clinical performance.  She has the ability to see the clinic as a whole & determine what needs to be done and how, all the while maintaining a receptive and friendly manner.
Both of these young women give 100% in everything they do and do it in a very understated, cheerful and professional manner.

Thank you to Caroline Van Nes and Danielle Serna at Burke Mountain Medical!

April 2021

Thank you to Parr Bains

Our office, Meadowbrook Family Practice, would like to nominate our senior MOA Parr Bains. She has been our rock since the start of the pandemic. In 2020 she helped us navigate changing our EMR, integrating our nurse in practice, starting telehealth, and training new staff, all in the face of keeping our office open every day since the start of the pandemic. She has been so dedicated and consistent. She has faced all these challenges with calmness and kindness. Here are some quotes from our team of doctors: When I joined Meadowbrook in November Parr was interested in getting to know me as a person. She made me feel welcomed and immediately accepted me to Meadowbrook Team. She is always professional. She is very capable MOA wearing many hats. Parr is a true “MVP” - most valuable team player - because of her commitment, reliability and work ethic. Parr projects calmness and quiet confidence. She is highly organized and always willing to learn new skills. My favorite Parr quote is “I am not really in charge of ....., but I will take care of it.”