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Hear from family doctors in your neighbourhood about the Covid-19 vaccines and why they recommend everyone gets their first and second dose. 

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English Videos: 


The Covid-19 Vaccine in Maternity | Dr. Kathy Jones, New Westminster BC

Dr. Kathy Jones _ New Westminster.png 

Dr. Jones is a maternity doctor in New Westminster BC and has been practicing for over 30 years, here's what she has to say about the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or expecting to have a baby in the future.


Protecting, You, Me & We | Dr. Nazanin Rahnema, New Westminster BC

Dr. Rahnema _ New Westminster.png 

We all know the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in various ways and circumstances. In this video Dr. Nazanine Rahnema, a New Westminster BC family physician shares what she’s looking forward to as we return back to “normal life”.


Getting the Second Dose | Dr. Nahla Fahmy, New Westminster BC 

Dr. Fahmy _ New Westminster.png 

Dr. Fahmy, a Family Physician in New Westminster BC  shares her input on the importance of receiving your second dose.  She talks about the combination of vaccines,  the quality of the vaccines, and how they can protect you.


Don't Ghost the Second Dose | Dr. Ravi Parhar, Vancouver BC 

Dr. Parhar _ Vancouver.png 

Dr. Ravi Parhar, a family physician in Vancouver BC  shares the protection the vaccine has against COVID-19 and why it’s important to receive your second dose.


Seek information from reliable sources | Dr. Vincent Wong, Coquitlam BC

Dr.Vincent Wong _ Coquitlam.png 

False information is everywhere, it’s hard to know who to trust and where to turn when it comes to information. Dr. Vincent Wong from Coquitlam BC shares a message on the importance of seeking reliable information and credible resources when it comes to your health and the vaccine.


Other Languages:


한국어 Protecting, You, Me & We (Korean) | Dr. Jennifer Yun, Coquitlam BC

Dr. Yun _ Coquitlam.png 

포트 무디에서 가정의로 계신 닥터 제니퍼 윤께서 어머니와 판데믹을 겪는 동안의 경험과 판데믹을 이겨낸 후 어떤점이 기대되는지에 대해 이야기 해 보았습니다. BC 주 정부 Get Vaccinated 웹사이트에서 백신접종을 받으십시오:


廣東話; 話 Face the Vax (Cantonese) | Dr. Vincent Wong, Coquitlam BC

Dr.Vincent Wong _ Coquitlam.png 

虚假信息无处不在。当涉及到关于Covid-19疫苗的相关知识时,很难区分哪些是真实信息,哪些是虚假信息。来自卑诗省高贵林市的家庭医生Vincent Wong,和大家分享当我们寻找有关健康与疫苗接种的相关知识时,消息来源的重要性。寻找关于如何接种疫苗的信息,请访问卑诗省政府的疫苗接种网站。


Protecting, You, Me & We (Farsi) | Dr. Nazanin Rahnema, New Westminster BC   فارسی

Dr. Rahnema _ New Westminster.png 

ویروس کووید 19 بر بسیاری از جنبه های زندگی ما تاثیر گذاشته است. در این ویدیو سرکار خانم دکتر نازنین رهنما پزشک خانواده در نیو وست مینستر از انتظار برای برگشت به زندگی عادی صحبت میکنند. .اتفاقی که همه ما در انتظارش هستیم.


Don't Ghost the Second Dose (Arabic) | Dr. Nahla Fahmy, New Westminster BC عربى

Dr. Fahmy _ New Westminster.png 

دكتوره نهله فهمي , طبيبه الأسره في نيو وستمينستر تتحدث عن  لقاحات الكورونا و أهميه تلقي الجرعه الثانيه.


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Media Resources


Healthcare workers resources

Vaccine Hesitancy Guide

  • This Guide supports better clinical conversations about vaccines. It differentiates common types of vaccine hesitancy that primary care clinicians may see. Browse through these types to help identify the sources of your patients’ hesitancy, and find advice and resources on how to address them.

BC CDC COVID-19 vaccination toolkit for health professionals

  • This toolkit provides guidance and information on COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination resources for health professionals in the province of British Columbia

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