Chilliwack Division of Family Practice

Mini Medical School

In its ​twelfth year of running, the Annual Mini Medical School is a free information series that runs the first two Tuesday evenings in March. Community members can talk with local doctors and other health professionals about important medical topics. This series gives medical residents (i.e., up-and-coming new doctors) from the UBC Medical Residency Program the opportunity to engage and interact with community members on topics that matter to you. 

If you have a suggestion for future topics, please email Carol Van Muyen


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How to Talk to your Doctor Presentation >
Memento Mori - Medicine at the end of life Presentation >
Fentanyl, Addiction, and Homelessness... what can we do? Presentation >
Nutrition: What's Healthy and What's Not? Presentation >

2016 Elder College: Doctor In Your Pocket

How to Talk to Your Doctor Presentation >
The Cardiovascular System Presentation >
   VIDEO: Heart Anatomy >​
   VIDEO: The Heart and Circulatory System >
The Respiratory System Presentation >
   VIDEO: How Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Develops>
   VIDEO: How Lungs Work >
   VIDEO: Understanding Asthma >
Depression and Anxiety Presentation >


Have you heard of herd immunity? Public health strategies for keeping you well >
Mental Health Matters - Depression, Anxiety, and More >
How to Really ​Talk to Your Doctor >
End of Life Care - Having an exit strategy for life >


How to Really Talk with Your Doctor >
When we Forget >
Immunizations: Why The Fuss? >


Golden Years- Exercises and Falls >
Is There Such a Thing as a Good Death? >
Prostate Cancer: Myths and Truths > 


Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures >
Why Don't Kids Come with Manuals? >
Wilderness Medicine for the Weekend Warrior >
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention >
Acquired Brain Injury >


Nutrition >
Obesity and Nutrition > 
Depression, Anxiety, Stress >


Chronic Pain >
Sprains, Strains and Staying in the Game > 


Outdoor Medicine >
What is Your Doctor Thinking? Prevention Medicine >


Outdoor Medicine >