Chilliwack Division of Family Practice

Physician Resources

Bounce Back

  Bounce Back is a free, supported self-help program offered throughout BC for patients with mild to moderate depression or anxiety. Patients can access free DVDs which helps them learn about depression and introduces useful skills to improve mood. Family doctors and NPs can also refer adult patients to the telephone coaching portion of the program. Funded by the Ministry of Health, the program has been available since 2008. For more information or to request materials, please click here.



Doctors of BC

  Formerly known as the BC Medical Association, Doctors of BC aims to improve health care for British Columbians by working alongside members to achieve quality patient care through the promotion of engagement, collaboration and physician leadership.



Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Support

  For assistance with EMR, Contact the Division's Operations Manager Elly Meyerink.



Fraser Health

  Fraser Health provides a wide range of integrated health care services to more than 1.6 million people living in several communities, including Chilliwack, Agassiz and Hope.



Health Data Coalition

  Health Data Coalition (HDC) is a non-profit agency that brings together the AMCARE (Aggregated Metrics for Clinical Analytics and Research) and PDC (Physicians Data Collaborative) networks into a single data sharing initiative. HDC supports a learning health system representing aggregate data for over 250,000 patients available for use by all physicians delivering care in BC.



Insurance Options


  Doctors of BC offers many insurance programs for physicians; Some options are subsidized through the program.   The cross-Canada physician job registry started by a BC doctor to save physicians time in their job search and to help fill vacancies.

MSP Billing Code Support

  Dr. Bill's MSP Billing Code Look Up is useful for doctors and MOAs. Free useage of the program, with extended features available upon subscription.



Recruitment, Retention and Retirement

  If you are considering practicing in Chilliwack, Agassiz-Harrison or Hope or are looking into retiring in the near future, the Chilliwack Division's Recruitment Committee is able to support you in this decision. For more information, please contact Elly Meyerink, Recruitment Coordinator and Operations Lead at the Chilliwack Division



Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

  Recruitment and retention of family physicians in BC has been a key priority for most divisions of family practice due to various factors including a significant number of retiring family physicians, rapid population growth, and an aging population. The Physician Recruitment and Retention Toolkit was developed to provide easy access to “best” or “promising practice” processes, tools, and templates ​to assist in their recruitment, retention, and practice coverage​ efforts. For ease of use the toolkit is divided into three main sections: Being Prepared, Recruiting GPs for Your Community, and  Supporting & Keeping GPs in Your Community.




  Pathways is a web-based resource for GPs and MOAs to facilitate real-time, optimal, patient referrals. A project of the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, Pathways provides a comprehensive, searchable database of specialists and clinics organized by specialty. Pathways contributes to improved patient outcomes and offers access to decision tools, care pathways, pearls, red flags and patient education materials. For more information about Pathways, contact our office.



Physician Health

  The Physician Health Program of British Columbia is here to support and advocate for BC physicians, residents, medical students and their immediate families dealing with personal and/or professional problems.



Practice Support Program

  The Practice Support Program (PSP)’s focus is to help family doctors align their day to day practice work with their professional values and vision by offering a mixture of learning modules, small group learning sessions and in-practice supports. For more information, contact Ron Plowright.



Prevention in Hand

  The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) have collaborated on the development of Phase II of the Prevention in Hand (PiH) initiative. This user-friendly website and mobile application are a valuable health care resource for health professionals and public alike to easily access current and accurate information about the prevention of chronic diseases.



Shared Care


  The Shared Care Committee is a joint committee of the Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health, working to improve patients' health outcomes and their journey through the health care system. It provides funding and project support to family physicians and specialist physicians to improve the flow of patient care from primary to specialist care.



Technology Resources


  Technology resources from the provincial Divisions team.




  UpToDate is an award-winning online clinical decision support resource, available to Divisions of Family Practice members for use in individual practices at no cost to the individual physician. UpToDate Anywhere, an application which allows users to access UpToDate on mobile devices, is also available to those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows 8 tablet. Email UpToDate Customer Service or phone 1-800-998-6374 for further information.