Chilliwack Division of Family Practice

Board Members

Our Board is a group of dedicated family physicians and professionals who work to identify priorities and improve primary health care.​


Dr. Josh Greggain
Board Chair

Josh Greggain

Dr. Josh Greggain has been involved in leadership with the Division since 2012, and a member since 2009. Throughout that time, has have been the lead physician from Hope, representing ​the physicians and nurse practitioners through the GP4ME, as well as facilitating engagement sessions in our community. Dr. Greggain is currently the Site Medical Director for Fraser Canyon Hospital. Joshua has been a full-service family physician in Hope since 2007. He provides office-based family practice, including inpatient, hospice, and emergency care at Fraser Canyon Hospital. He also have been instrumental in facilitating the First Nations outreach clinic in Anderson Creek since 2010. He is excited to serve in the board, and believes that we have an opportunity to shape health care delivery in Chilliwack, Agassiz, Hope and the Fraser Canyon. To do that, we need strong voices with visionary ideas to be able to shape health care into a team-based, intra-disciplinary model of healthcare.

Dr. Lori Laughland
Vice Chair

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Dr. Dominic Black

Dominic Black

Dr. Dominic Black is a Family Physician in Chilliwack, having moved from the UK in 2015. Prior to moving here he was the senior partner in a practice in Hertfordshire, England. He has worked for years in palliative care and in musculoskeletal medicine, completing a diploma in sports medicine at University College London in 2009. Here in Chilliwack he is enjoying teaching medical students, and will be involved with the residence program from 2019. 

Dr. Black and his wife Jo love the mountains and countryside around Chilliwack. They enjoy exploring the area, often with family visiting from the UK.

Dr. Shaik Fida Ali

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Joanne Cecchi

Joanne Cecchi

Joanne Cecchi has been working in the health care field in Chilliwack for 22 years, in both private and public capacities. She began her career in the private industry assisting injured workers return to work and return to other important activities in their lives. She then transitioned to the public sector by working at the Home Health office for 10 years. Currently, Joanne works as Interim Manager at the Home Support office in town managing an office of nurses, care aides and admin staff. Joanne is committed to a cohesive community of health care practitioners between Fraser Health and the Division which can only result in better health care for the residents of Chilliwack/Agassiz/Hope. Physical activity is an important component of Joanne’s life and she and her husband have raised 3 active, goal driven boys. Down time for Joanne is walking her dog, gardening and spending time with her boys/husband.