Chilliwack Division of Family Practice

Work - Overview

Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) and Fraser Canyon Hospital are family physician-supported facilities and as such, offer a wide variety of options for medical practitioners. CGH has 147 acute care beds and three elective slates of surgery per day. Approximately 80,000 patients visit the Emergency Room per year. In addition to ER physicians, some of our FPs also take shifts in the ER. CGH is also a teaching hospital for UBC's Department of Family Practice and offers opportunities for physicians to mentor medical students and residents in the hospital as well as in their clinics. 

You can dedicate time each week to emergency (in Hope) or hospital care. You can design your practice to accommodate your special interests and lifestyle needs. Office-based practices can be supplemented by hospital work, walk-in clinics, long term care, and more. The majority of FPs belong to the Division of Family Practice and have benefited from the strong ties they have developed with other FPs. You will find lots of support as you move into the community and if needed, the Division can provide guidance to help you through the process of obtaining licensure through the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Why Work Here?

Practicing in Chilliwack, Agassiz-Harrison and Hope offers you:

Broad Scope of Practice

  • In-patient care, long term care facility support, the emergency department and geriatric and full spectrum primary care opportunities, including primary care clinics.
  • Prenatal outreach, obstetrics, palliative care, after-hours clinics and much more
  • Family-physician-supported facilities: Chilliwack General Hospital and Fraser Canyon Hospital

Physician Working Together

  • Flexibility in practice arrangements
  • Ongoing support from peer networks as well as physician health and wellness programs
  • Collegial atmosphere 
  • More support from colleagues in caring for complex or unattached patients


  • Opportunity to instruct medical students who are often "first call" after hours
  • Physician Mentoring for UBC undergraduate students
  • Physician Office Integration Program
  • Opportunity to become a Clinical Faculty Member at UBC

Physician Support

  • Reliable assistance with scheduling and meeting organization
  • Shared efforts for recruitment, retention and locums
  • Strong financial and practice support for information technology programs and pilot projects
  • Greater ability to impact the organization of local and regional health services
  • Improved access to health authority and specialist services
  • Increased ability to advocate for the needs of patients and for practicing physicians

Requirements for Practicing in British Columbia

BC College of Physicians and Surgeons >
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia regulates the practice of medicine under the authority of provincial law. All physicians who practice medicine in the province must be registrants of the College. The primary function of the College is to ensure that physicians are qualified, competent and fit to practice medicine. The College also administers a number of quality assurance activities to ensure physicians remain competent throughout their professional lives. 

Physician Accreditation Process >
The College of Family Physicians of Canada released a revised version of the MAINPRO Accreditation Guide in April 2014. Please feel free to contact Jessica Black, Accreditation Manager at the College of Family Physicians of Canada, with any questions or concerns regarding MAINPRO accreditation. 

Doctors of BC >
Doctors of BC (formerly the BC Medical Association)works towards improving health care for British Columbians by achieving quality patient care through the promotion of engagement, collaboration, and physician leadership. It promotes a social, economic, and political climate in which members can provide the citizens of British Columbia with the highest standard of health care, while achieving maximum professional satisfaction and fair economic reward.

Job Opportunities

For a list of current job opportunities in Chilliwack, Agassiz-Harrison or Hope, contact Elly Meyerink at or visit Health Match BC.