Reporting Using a Storyboard


3. Sustaining Your Improvement Efforts: Reporting Using a Storyboard

What is it and how can it help me?

Storyboards are a useful tool for effectively presenting a team’s work to a variety of audiences — to other groups within the organization, to other organizations, and to the larger community. The aim of a storyboard is to create an attractive display that will draw observers to your storyboard and communicate clearly the main points of your display – to tell your improvement story. Sometimes referred to as an A3 tool, it guides the team and the reader through a logical progression of the improvement process; outlining the background situation, how things are currently, the problems and why they occur, what was tried and what happened as a result of the change.

Where can I find out more information?

Guidelines for the Development of Quality Improvement Storyboards
The Multi-State Learning Collaborative: Lead States in Public Health Quality Improvement

This is a brief overview of storyboards and how they are used and developed. It also provides some real examples in public health in the US vis the links in the appendix. >

“A3” - the basic Problem Solving Tool
Lori Pelletier, MBA PhD
Director, Performance Improvement, UMMHC
Assistant Professor, UMass Medical School

Beginning on slide 17, this Lean-focused PowerPoint presentation goes through every part of the A3 tool in detail as well as some fun activities for group work to illustrate the various components of the story. >

A3 Worksheet
Impact BC

Use this worksheet to lay out your context and plan. >