Tips for Sustainment


1. Sustaining Your Improvement Efforts: Tips for Sustainment

What is it and how can it help me?

Sustaining the improvements that have been made after testing and implementing changes requires planning and effort to avoid reverting back to the way things were.  During this phase, change ideas are formally implemented into everyday practice in the unit or department where the work is done. These resources will help identify those tips and strategies that have helped to sustain QI efforts and ensure continuous quality improvement becomes the new way of working.

Where can I find out more information?

QI Tips: 4 Tips for Sustaining the Success of a QI Project
NichQ Resources >

Sustaining Momentum
NHS Scotland

If your efforts are still failing, this document describes some simple tactics and tips to help you reignite interest in a project and maintain commitment to it. >

Sustaining Quality Improvement Initiatives Webinar (53 min)
North Carolina Impact: Regional Leadership Collaborative Webinar

This webinar provides some interesting insights into progress using regional collaborative models in an acute care setting in the US. At 42 minutes, the floor opens up to participants to share their experiences and have their questions answered. >