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New Online Directory for Connecting to Maternity Care Provider

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July 5, 2022

New Westminster and Tri-Cities – Pregnant patients in New Westminster and Tri-Cities can now easily find information about maternity care providers available in their area, thanks to a new feature launched this month on the Pathways Medical Care Directory ( 


The Pathways Medical Care Directory is an online resource for residents across the province that provides a “one-stop shop” for people to easily find information about booking visits with family doctors or nurse practitioners in their local communities. The Find a Maternity Care Provider directory is a new feature allowing pregnant patients find up-to-date information on how a maternity care provider is providing virtual and in-person care, and how to go about making an appointment.

“The ability for pregnant patients to find detailed information in their community for their pregnancy needs such as hospital, language of provider, and types of specialized care will be of great relief for those soon to have a baby,” says Dr Ramneek Dosanjh, president of Doctors of BC.  “Including maternity care providers in the Pathways Medical Care Directory means finding this information is easy, fast, and reassuring.” 

In the New Westminster and Tri-Cities area, 24% of the maternity and healthy newborn population do not have a primary care provider according to the 2019-2020 CHSA Matrix level data. Expecting new moms who are having difficulties finding a provider should sign up for the waitlist to be connected to a provider as soon as possible. The waitlist registration form is available on the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice website ( 

In addition to finding a maternity care provider, the Pathways Medical Care Directory contains links to maternity care resources in the New Westminster and Tri-Cities region ( The website was developed locally by prenatal health care providers. 


If you wish to explore all the available community services and resources in your geographical region, visit the Pathways Community Services website (


Pathways is a non-profit organization supported by Doctors of BC and the British Columbia Ministry of Health through the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC).



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