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In British Columbia, Divisions of Family Practice are community-based, non-profit organizations that work with, and support, family physicians in their endeavours to achieve common health care goals. The Divisions work to build relationships, foster collaboration between physicians and other stakeholders within the healthcare system, and address local primary health care challenges.


There are 35 Divisions across the province, which serve more than 230 communities. Our Division, the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, supports primary care in the communities of Anmore, Belcarra, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody & New Westminster.

Together, the members work to improve patient access to local primary care, increase local physicians’ influence on health care delivery and policy, and provide professional support for physicians.

Our Division provides primary care practitioners with a stronger collective voice in the integrated delivery of primary care and seeks to improve both patients' experiences and physicians' professional satisfaction. Incorporated in November 2010, we now have over 450 members!

It is our goal to provide a collaborative and innovative approach to patient care based on a strong and transparent relationship between our Division, Kwikwetlem First Nations, the GPSC, Fraser Health Authority and the Ministry of Health. We have made a strong start in identifying health care needs in the local community and are hard at work developing solutions to meet those needs.



Fraser Northwest Division Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice strives to be a leader in supporting a healthy and sustainable community of:

  • Doctors committed to continuity of care
  • Patients participating in managing their health
  • Primary care which is accessible and relationship based


Our Mission

Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice is committed to building a positive primary care experience through:

  1. Being the nucleus for primary care improvement in our region.

  2. Improving access to care through increasing the number of family physicians.

  3. Supporting family physicians to improve their capacity to provide care.

  4. Establishing a network for collaboration between family physicians and other health care partners and community stakeholders.

  5. Providing a voice for our family physicians through grassroots engagement, dialogue, idea gathering, and participation.

  6. Engagement with our patients to understand their expectations and needs.


Our Values

  • We prioritize key projects in accordance with our vision and mission and only after consultation with our members.
  • We appreciate the strengths and diversity of all our members.
  • We approach the work of the division in the spirit of collaboration, transparency, authenticity, integrity, and accountability.
  • We aim to adapt quickly and respond to our members and their patients' needs.
  • We strive to be fiscally responsible.

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