Physician Leads

Our Division has many projects on the go. We would like to highlight the following physicians for taking time to provide a physician voice on the various committees and working groups we work on.

Acute Discharge Shared Care: Drs. Jennifer Yun and Joesph Ip

Adult Mental Health & Substance Use Shared Care: Drs. Carllin Man, Stephanie Aung, Angelo Wijeyesinghe and Stephen Ogunremi 

Chronic Pain Shared Care: Drs. Huy Nguyen and Alyssa Hodgson

Chronic Pain Working Group: Dr. Huy Nguyen

Communications Committee: Drs. Paras Mehta, Herbert Chang, John de Couto, and Kathy Jones

Collaborative Service Committee (CSC): Drs. Stephanie Aung, Paras Mehta, and Jennifer Yun

Evaluation Program: Dr. Vincent Wong

Geriatric Psychiatry Shared Care: Drs. Carllin Man and Simon Woo

Health Data Collaborative (HDC): Dr. Paras Mehta

Integrator Project: Dr. Tracy Monk

Information Management Information Technology (IMIT): Dr. Johnny Lee

Long-Term Care Initiative (LTCI): Dr. Amber Jarvie and Dr. Lalji Halai

Local Department Head: Dr. Akbar Javer

Maternity Shared Care: Drs. Dayna Mudie, Aude Beauchamp, and Dina Davidson

Older Adult Shared Care: Drs. Kathy Kiani and Simon Woo

PCN/PMH Advisory Committee: Dr. Paras Mehta

Palliative Care Shared Care: Drs. Ali Sanei-Moghaddam, Cindy Lou, Wai Phan, Fify Soeyonggo, and Joan Eddy

Pathways: Dr. Herbert Chang

Practice Support Program (PSP): Dr. John Yap

Recruitment/Retention/Retirement Committee (RRRC): Dr. Gary Hayes

Specialized Community Services Programs (SCSP): Dr. Jennifer Yun

Urgent & Primary Care Centre (UPCC): Dr. Nimeera Kassam

Women's Health Shared Care: Drs. Sara Houlihan and Sanja Matic