Burnaby Division of Family Practice

Practice Pearls

  • A Poster of Screening Tests by Dr. Davidicus Wong
    Most adults don't know all the screening tests they should be getting and at what age and frequency. Regardless of their presenting concerns, I take a moment to review each patient's chart before entering the room. I'll make sure that they're up-to-date with any screening tests; if they're overdue, I'll remind them or write the req. >
  • Medico-legal Letter Writing by Dr. Mary Kagan
    For Medico-legal letter writing, consider taking the 1/2-day course offered by The Law Society of BC. I took it in 2012 at the offices of Bull, Housser and Tupper - excellent! >
  • Huddle With Your MOA by Dr. Davidicus Wong
    An important office efficiency practice is the daily two-minute huddle with my MOA each morning before I see the first patient of the day. >