Burnaby Division of Family Practice

Empowering Patients - Making Sense of Symptoms

Making Sense of Symptoms and Screening Tests

In these segments, Dr. Davidicus Wong introduces us to the Divisions of Family Practice and discusses the importance of self-care, screening tests and the review of systems.

The review of systems is a series of questions that are a part of the traditional complete physical examination. Positive responses may indicate a condition requiring investigation and treatment. Because most adults no longer have complete physicals, many are never asked these important questions and may be unaware of when they should seek medical attention.

The videos are organized by body system. Alarm symptoms are symptoms that may indicate conditions (such as a stroke or heart attack) that require immediate medical attention.


Individual Videos

Preparing for your Medical Visit >
What is Health Care?  The 4 Foundations of Self-Care >
The Complete Physical: Who Needs One?  >
Musculoskeletal Symptoms >
Cardiovascular Symptoms >
Respiratory Symptoms >
Gastrointestinal Symptoms >
Urinary Symptoms >
Genital Symptoms >
Head and Neck Symptoms >
Neurological Symptoms >
Alarm Symptoms >
Screening Tests: What Tests Do You Need & When? >