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Family Practice Toolkit (from Provincial Divisions ​Office)

This toolkit was first developed in 2011 when two groups of full-service family practice physicians located in Sooke BC decided to come together as the West Coast Family Medical Clinic. In an effort to merge the teams and get everyone working together and comfortable with new processes, the founding physicians decided to involve staff in creating and maintaining an office manual. The South Island Division of Family Practice provided project management support to the Sooke physicians to launch their new clinic on condition any tools developed to be made available to other family practice clinics. 

The toolkit has been available on the South Island Division website since 2012. It has been used as a resource by numerous family practices in South Island and Victoria and is now available to our Burnaby members. Access the toolkit >

Recruiting Locums - Tips & Tools

Here ​is a resource to consider when hiring and retaining locums.

Tips for GPs: Creating a Positive Locum Experience >