Burnaby Division of Family Practice

Looking For A Doctor Tips

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Tips on Finding A Family Doctor
  1. Ask a close relative or friend to ask their Family Doctor to take you on as a patient.
  2. If you are visiting another health care provider, such as a specialist, ask them if they know of any Family Doctors that are accepting patients.
  3. If you are visiting a walk-in clinic, ask the doctor if they would be willing to take you on as a patient.
  4. Ask if you can be put on a wait list when you call if they are not currently accepting patients.  They can call you when they have room for new patients.
  5. Connect with your neighbours and ask them how they found a Family Doctor.
  6. If you are part of a faith-based community, ask if there are Family Doctors within this community that would be willing to take you on as a new patient.
  7. Visit the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC website for a list of Family Doctors in Burnaby that are accepting new patients.
Click here for a printable version of this Tip Sheet.

Click here for a list of Family Doctors currently accepting new patients in Burnaby.