Burnaby Divisions of Family Practice

Looking for a Family Doctor in Burnaby


If you are a resident of Burnaby and you DO NOT currently have a family doctor and need help with attachment to a primary care provider in Burnaby, you can add yourself to the Patient Attachment Waitlist and our Patient Attachment Coordinators will assist with matching you to a practice in Burnaby. 


Please click here to add yourself to the Patient Attachment Waitlist


If you are not a resident of Burnaby, please contact your local Division of Family Practice. You can find them at divisionsbc.ca/divisions-in-bc.

Due to a limited number of Family Doctors and Nurse Practitioners in Burnaby accepting new patients through the Patient Attachment Initiative at this time, the expected wait time for patient attachment is up to 3 months or more. Please continue to seek care at a walk-in clinic, the Edmonds Urgent and Primary Care Centre (https://divisionsbc.ca/burnaby/our-work/pcn/urgent-primary-care-clinic-upcc) (or if necessary, an Emergency Room) while you are waiting to be matched.


PLEASE NOTE: The Edmonds Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) is not an Emergency Room. It cannot treat patients with serious illnesses or injuries such as broken bones, chest pains or head injuries.

For further inquiries, contact the Patient Attachment Coordinator at (604) 430-9271.

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