Burnaby Division of Family Practice

Primary Care Network (PCN)



Burnaby’s Primary Care Network (PCN) is based on a co-developed, comprehensive and sustainable vision for the future for PCNs in Burnaby, to enable access to quality primary health care that effectively meets the needs of Burnaby residents and patients. Burnaby is currently implementing three PCNs based on municipally-defined neighbourhoods within the Burnaby area: Metrotown, Edmonds and Hastings/Brentwood. 
Integration of Fraser Health Authority services and community services with physician offices is underway. We are creating multiple linkages from practices to community agencies so that patients’ experience of health care teams not only includes doctors or health authority providers, but also their community agency providers.
Burnaby’s PCN resources have also made it possible to have an NP (Nurse Practitioner) dedicated to homeless outreach integrated with Progressive Housing, a community partner organization. 
Patients with mild to moderate mental health needs have access via their FP (Family Physician) or NP to counselling visits made possible by Burnaby's PCN previously not available in the community. Patients also have access to social work services that are linked and working with their primary care providers in team to address social determinants of health.
Launching in Fall 2020, behavioural management support will be offered to patients via referral from an FP or NP through health coaches supported by psychologists. These enhanced team-based resources will meet the needs of patients by increasing resources within neighbourhoods to help FPs and NPs better support patients to prevent disease progression/escalation.


For more information visit the new  Burnaby PCN Website.