Thompson Region Division of Family Practice

Dr. Phil Sigalet

Dr. J. Phillip Sigalet
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Dr. J. Phillip Sigalet was born and raised in the Kootenays. He trained at UBC and Dalhousie universities then opened his Family Practice in Kamloops in 1991. Throughout the years, he’s had many terrific teachers; doctors, nurses and mentors.

Dr. Sigalet believes that every patient he has cared for, and every woman he has helped through labour, has taught him something. He believes excellent prenatal care is based on communication: listening with genuine interest to every person’s story and giving back knowledge and experience.

Dr. Sigalet loves his work and knows that everyone is not so lucky to be able to say that. When there is snow on the ground Phil usually plays on it with skis of one sort or another and when the ground is bare, he runs on it or rides a bike. Two of Phil’s three children have moved on from high school.