Thompson Region Division of Family Practice

Vision & Mission

vision and mission

Our Goal:

To answer the call to action pursuing creative ways of developing practice opportunities for longitudinal care with family practitioners and our partners.

Our Vision:

To be a community of family physicians, nurse practitioners, and other primary care providers working collaboratively to develop and support the implementation of primary care focusing on wellness, satisfaction, and sustainability for both patients and providers.

Our Mission:

The Thompson Region Division of Family Practice (“the Division”) is the:

  • Support for the Thompson Region community of primary care providers in their pursuit of excellence and innovation in family medicine and patient care. 
  • Place where primary care providers go to identify their needs, engage in learning, and participate in collaborative community-based solutions. 
  • Provider of primary care leadership in systems and clinical improvements and participates in collaborative quality improvement in family medicine and primary care. 
  • Support for primary care provider wellness and collegiality. 
  • Advocate for the essential role of primary care providers in the delivery of health care. 
  • Source for structural primary care advice to Health Authorities, specialist care providers, Ministry of Health, community partners and interested parties.

Our Values:

We value quality, collaboration, inspiration, innovation, and resilience.

Our Strategic Enablers:

These strategic enablers allow our organization to execute its strategy more efficiently and effectively. To ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan, the following key actions will be interwoven in the day-to-day operations of the organization: 

  • Continue to play a lead role in integrated health service planning and implementation with partners. 
  • Act as an advocate for the role of the primary care provider in the provision of longitudinal care and integration across the spectrum of care. 
  • Build regional and provincial connections for service delivery and strategic partnership in the Thompson Region. 
  • Support the continued implementation of successful strategies that promote wellness through member engagement and the incorporation of ongoing feedback. 
  • Collaborate and unite across our medical community in the Thompson Region.
  • Communicate activities, effectiveness, and opportunities for engagement to Division membership and partners. 
  • Identify barriers to community redesign and work towards resolution through relationship building and supplying resources. 
  • Showcase current practice opportunities while seeking ongoing opportunities to enhance recruitment efforts into future opportunities. 
  • Implement innovative, robust approaches in marketing and communication.
  • Utilize an established framework for succession planning within the organization to ensure a strong, sustainable leadership team.