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Family physicians care for low risk patients NOT requiring an Obstetrician, who wish to deliver in hospital. In Kamloops, not all family physicians provide maternity care. Only those with a special interest in obstetrics provide maternity care. If you wish to have your maternity care provided by a family physician, a referral will be made by your primary care provider to one of the two models of family practice obstetrics available in Kamloops. In both models, women are ideally followed from before 12 weeks into pregnancy to 6 weeks after delivery. The baby is also followed after birth till 6 weeks of age. After this time the mother and baby will resume care with the referring provider. 

There are two models of family practice obstetrics available in Kamloops:

Thompson Region Family Obstetrics Group

The Thompson Region Family Obstetrics Group, is a group of like-minded physicians who provide care from a single clinic with physicians rotating through both clinic days and on call shifts for deliveries.

Family Physicians providing Maternity Care

The woman sees a single family physician throughout her pregnancy and after delivery. The physician has call group coverage for when he/she is unavailable.