Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice

Practice Support Program

The GPSC offers a number of supports for physicians operating full-service family practices.  Through the GPSC's Practice Support Program (PSP), administered by Fraser Health, our members have access to a variety of supports, including coaching and mentoring, learning opportunities and tools and resources, all designed to support physicians in building more efficient, proactive practices.

Read about key supports here, or visit the PSP website to learn more. 

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What Programs Are On Offer?

A number of programs exist under the PSP umbrella. These range from learning resources to direct support with EMR optimization and panel management. And they are all designed to adapt to individual physicians' unique schedules and concerns. 

We offer an overview of these services here. For a complete listing, visit the PSP website.

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Panel Management Program

The Panel Management Program is a self-paced, three-phase program that helps physicians organize, understand, manage and optimize their patient panel. Each phase could take up to 15 hours of physician or staff time to complete and the total time commitment may be up to 12 months.


  • streamline practice workflows
  • improve patient communication
  • identify others who can help care for your patients
  • plan proactive care 
  • simplify billing
  • maintain better work-life balance


  • coaching and mentorship supports throughout the program, offered through the PSP regional teams
  • sessional payments during the three phases
  • 3 MainPro+ credits per hour 
  • $3000 bonus upon completion of Phase 3

*To get started or to learn more, contact your PSP Regional Support Team:

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Help us to design a health care network that meets our community's real needs. Sharing information you uncover while completing the Panel Management Program will benefit Surrey and North Delta for years to come. 

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Data Enhancement Tools

The PSP offers a number of data tools that support physicians in improving their practices. From EMR optimization to patient surveys, these tools help physicians better meet patients' needs while improving their own work life quality.

Available Resources

  • EMR Optimization
  • Patient Experience Tool
  • PMH Assessment

Workshops and Ongoing Learning 

The PSP offers a variety of short, topical and flexible learning opportunities designed to suit physicians' busy schedules. Learning opportunities are multi-modal, interactive and targeted to the physician's immediate learning needs. 

Topics Covered Include

  • Adult Mental Health
  • EMR
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Team-based Care
  • Advanced Access/Office Efficiency
  • End-of-life
  • And more


For more information about the Practice Support Program, or to access support, visit the PSP Website or contact the Fraser Health PSP Team