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Welcome to the Port Alberni Division of Family Practice

The Port Alberni Division of Family Practice represents family physicians in Port Alberni, BC. Together, the members work to improve patient access to local primary care, increase local physicians’ influence on health care delivery and policy, and provide professional support for physicians. The Division gives local physicians an opportunity to work collaboratively with the Health Authority, the GPSC, and the Ministry of Health to identify health care needs in the local community and develop solutions to meet those needs.

Overview of the Divisions of Family Practice

The Divisions of Family Practice initiative is sponsored by the General Practice Services Committee, a joint committee of the BC Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC. The initiative was designed to improve patient care, increase family physicians’ influence on health care delivery and policy, and provide professional satisfaction for physicians.

The Port Alberni Division is an independent entity, whose goals are:

  • to improve access to the benefits of primary health care
  • quality improvement
  • practice enhancement
  • to inspire greater confidence in the health care system

The Division provides formal family practice influence and leadership at community, regional and provincial levels.  They advocate for and develop programs specifically tailored to the health care needs of the area, and administer funding provided for each program.

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Why become a member?

As a member, you can help strengthen local primary health care with your experience and insights. Participation is not mandatory, but it helps all Family Physicians improve conditions, programs and health (both ours and our patients).

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Physician Lead
Dr. Wendy Johnsen

Project Manager
Susan Fox 

Administrative Assistant
Ada King

3949 Port Alberni Hwy
Port Alberni BC,
V9Y 4S1

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