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Pathways was created by physicians for physicians and their office staff to improve patient referrals to specialists and clinics.

Pathways is a provincial database that provides up-to-date information about specialist wait times, referral processes, and contact methods. Developed by GPs in the Fraser Valley, Pathways has enabled physicians in communities across the province to collect and enter local data, which will then be available to all family physicians in participating divisions. Since its inception, Pathways continues to spread throughout the Province and is being used by all divisions of family practice.

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97% of users report that Pathways has improved the referral process.

For more about Pathways, please contact Sharon Todd, Program Manager:  stodd@cidivision.ca

Is your practice listed on the Pathways Community Medical Service Directory?  If not, please fill out the Pathways Survey and email it to Janice at nanaimo@pathwaysbc.ca.