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"Port Alberni Primary Care Network"

Port Alberni Primary Care Network Administrative Assistant

The overall role of the Administrative Assistant is to assist the Port Alberni Primary Care Network Manager with support work in carrying out the projects and initiatives. One of these tasks is managing patient attachment in Port Alberni by maintaining the Health Connect Registry and liaising with clinics to ensure unattached patients get care in a timely manner as and when area caregivers can expand their patient panels.   The Administrative Assistant must be an independent worker, highly organized, and able to carry out all tasks with a minimum of supervision.

Reporting to the Port Alberni Primary Care Network Manager, the Administrative Assistant will be responsible for arranging project meetings, event planning, taking attendance and minutes, and managing all communications to Primary Care Network stakeholders.  The Administrative Assistant will help track and maintain financial activities and payments to suppliers and members by liaising with bookkeepers.

This position is mainly remote, requiring the applicant to work from a home office with regular access to a vehicle to travel in Port Alberni.  The Central Island Division of Family Practice will supply a cell phone and laptop computer. This position also offers extended health and medical benefits, as well as 3 weeks’ paid holiday. 

What you bring

  • At least three years of experience in general office administration
  • Familiarity with Family Practice or other healthcare settings
  • Ability to attend Division meetings and events, some of which may be evenings and early mornings.  Some meetings are held in person, some are held virtually via Zoom.
  • As a remote work environment, Divisions of Family Practice require employees to be highly self-motivated, independent, and able to organize their own workload with very little supervision.
  • Highly organized, with the ability to perform multiple tasks, pay attention to detail, balance priorities and meet deadlines in an evolving and ever-changing environment.
  • Excellent computer skills, particularly in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
  • Willingness and ability to work with patients and clinics to facilitate patient attachment.


Apply via email by March 24th, 2023 to:

Sharon Todd, Primary Care Network Manager



Primary Care Network (PCN) Change Lead

Primary Care Networks (PCN) are an integrated system of care that strive to create a quality and coordinated delivery system for primary and community care that is patient-centered, effective in meeting population and patient needs, and deliver a quality service experience for patients and providers – a system that is easy to understand for those who use it and those who work in it.

The Central Island Division of Family Practice, Ministry of Health, Island Health, and key stakeholders have partnered to create the Oceanside PCN.


What you will do

Reporting to the PCN Manager, the PCN Change Lead will play a vital role in supporting the community’s transition to an integrated system of primary and community care by supporting change management and the development of team-based care. Success in this role will look like:

  • Identifying and supporting change initiatives to enable PCN implementation;
  • Fostering relationships;
  • Engaging physicians and other health care providers to mobilize energy for change;
  • Supporting change management from the governance to the clinic level;
  • Completing current state needs and readiness assessments;
  • Building awareness of the need for change;
  • Conducting stakeholder analysis and management;
  • Co-creating shared purpose to help create readiness for change;
  • Developing formal and distributed leadership for new ways of working;
  • Creating the foundations and knowledge for change;
  • Leading training sessions to build capability; and
  • Working within patient medical homes to provide coaching and advisory services for point-of- care teams on how to manage change and develop team-based care.


What you are responsible for

  • Fostering change across complex organizations through the development of partnerships, relationships, and networks across the system;
  • Promoting evidence-informed practice with consideration of the local culture and context;
  • Providing virtual and on-site consultative coaching, mentorship, and appropriate quality improvement training (methodology, tools, and processes) to program participants and project teams;
  • Building engagement and participation with key stakeholders for improvement work with campaigns, social media strategies, or other innovative and creative initiatives;
  • Facilitating strategies that will enable participants and project teams to apply improvement science, engagement strategies, and change management theory to achieve project aims and/or targets;
  • Facilitating development and/or delivery tools to support implementation of evidence-based practice including quality improvement tools, resources, learning curriculum, topic materials, web-based tools, and related resources to build capacity and drive quality improvement; and
  • Working on all phases of project management (including, but not limited to: coordinating meetings; project planning; privacy impact assessments; ethics/CME applications; evaluation and monitoring of deliverables; presenting to internal and external audiences; preparing reports).


What you bring

  • A level of education, training, or experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree with equivalent experience plus five (5) years recent, related experience with quality improvement methodologies (Model for Improvement, LEAN, Six Sigma, Positive Deviance), techniques (measurement, learning models, change management theory, influencing techniques) and tools (process mapping, Ishikawa diagrams, PDSA cycles, run and control charts)
  • Skilled leadership on quality improvement teams, with a focus on healthcare
  • Practical experience in managing multiple and complex projects
  • Communication skills for delivering key messages to a range of stakeholders both internal and external to the PCN
  • Coaching and facilitation skills in the application of change theory
  • Ability to use a variety of styles and tactics appropriate to the context to influence thinking and gain consensus
  • Ability to make decisions autonomously, when required, on difficult issues, working to tight and often changing deadlines
  • Ability to anticipate obstacles, use logic to make conclusions, and develop an appropriate course of action
  • Knowledge of the provincial and Canadian health care system is preferred


What we offer

This position is a one-year contract. The work is largely unstructured and requires an adaptable, creative approach to engaging stakeholders. Success will require the PCN Change Lead to work both independently and in partnership with various teams across the PCN. While this is a home-based position, the role requires frequent travel to various sites throughout the Oceanside communities.

Please send your application via email to: pcnmanager@cidivision.ca