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Patient Medical Home

Patient Medical Home enables access to primary health care that effectively meets the needs of the patients and population in BC. It is a family practice where doctors work with colleagues and teams of health care professionals. It is our vision to link doctors with supportive teams, better align practices with the system, have a network for family practices and to connect community services.

Patient Medical Home 


1. Incubator model

These clinics will develop in-depth understanding of their current clinical and business models, including analysis of their office and record systems and their patient panels.

Together they will develop a plan to shift toward the PMH model, taking into account clinic, physician and human resources needs and opportunities. ODFP staff and independent contractors will assist PMH physicians with resources and mentoring to develop a PMH implementation plan and execution.

The goal is to have this be an ‘incubator model’ and its results readily available for other Oceanside clinics who would be interested in implementing Patient Medical Home into their future practices.

2. Physician networks

Network supports are systems focused on care and/or common practices currently supported by the Central Island family practice community. Tools and resources will be explored to support initial networks of care (outlined by ODFP members) and be used as a foundation for the development of future networks as they emerge.

Relevant community data and a recent member survey were used to determine network selection. 

3. Physician/Practitioner support

This project is designed to allow all practitioners, whether or not they are directly involved in other PMH development work, to access programs and resources that will support a shift to the PMH model when the timing is appropriate.

In partnership with the Physician Support Program, ODFP will provide supports that will allow practices to shift their delivery of care by attending CMEs focused upon PMH development. PSP will also assist practitioners by delivering Understanding your Patient Panel modules and in-house one-on-one supports to all interested Oceanside and Port Alberni practitioners.