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Our Impact

Strategies and Priorities

The Central Island Division is actively working to support physicians and to enhance patient care in the area via the Residential Care Initiative, working to improve care for our most vulnerable patients in residential healthcare facilities by enabling physicians to develop local solutions to improve care of patients in residential care, and the Patient Medical Home, in which our family physicians are working to create a model for collaborative teams of health care professionals to deliver comprehensive and co-ordinated care of patients.


We get a lot of questions from the public in regards to attracting and keeping our valued physicians in our community. In order to continue to improve patient care in our communities, the Central Island Division works tirelessly with our Patient Medical Home team to continuously develop strategies to attract physicians to the area and retain the physicians who are already here. The Division collaborates with a number of local partners on this initiative including: Island Health, Parksville municipal council, Qualicum Beach municipal council, Parksville Chamber of Commerce, Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Oceanside Residents Association, as well as local MLA Michelle Stillwell.

Part of that strategy includes:

  • Physician recruitment materials – web brochure, video
  • Physician welcome orientation packages
  • Collaborating with other island divisions as part of a regional recruitment effort to ensure physicians who come to the island can find their best possible match on the island.
  • Providing a warm welcome and supports to new physicians and their families, including tours, introductions, and meet and greets with other healthcare facilities in the Central Island area
  • Assisting local physicians with meeting their locum needs and clinic coverage
  • Representing the Central Island Community at medical conferences to meet new physicians and introduce them to practicing in the Central Island area.
  • Assisting our local physicians by delivering tools to make their practices run smoothly
  • Social opportunities for our local physicians to interact with the medical community
  • Continuing Medical Education opportunities for our local physicians

PAM (Patient Attachment Mechanism)

In the fall of 2017, the Central Island (then Oceanside) Division of Family Practice launched an online self-registration tool for patients in the Oceanside area to have their name added to a waiting list for a primary care provider WITHIN the Oceanside area.  Prior to this tool being launched, some patients were wait-listed to receive primary care only at the Oceanside Health Centre. Since the launch of the PAM tool, working with Island Health, we were able to attach 700 patients that had been wait-listed at the Oceanside Health Centre, as well as already starting attachment in the area from the new waitlist. There is now a one-stop shop if you need care in Oceanside, streamlining the process, and allowing new and existing healthcare practitioners to get patients quickly and efficiently from this list of those who have been waiting the longest. Want to learn more or add your name?