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The Central Island Division is actively working to support physicians and to enhance patient care in the area via multiple physician-led programs and initiatives.  Physicians work in groups with division staff to actively drive change in our communities to increase access and quality in primary patient care, as well as to support each other's professional endeavors. 

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is a clinical network of physicians and care providers who work together to expand team-based supports for family practitioners and patients.

Primary Care Networks

If you live in the Central Island health region, you can put your name on a waitlist for a primary care practitioner.

Health Connect Registry

Our Patient Medical Home links doctors with supportive teams, better align practices with the system, have a network for family practices and to connect community services.

Patient Medical Home

Our division is enabling healthcare practitioners to develop local, scalable, sustainable solutions to improve the lives of long term care patients in our area.

Long Term Care Initiative

Our physician recruitment and retention program helps practices find physicians, physicians find locums, and supports existing practitioners in their medical practices.  

Physician Recruitment on Vancouver Island