Oceanside Beach

The Oceanside Division of Family Practice

The Oceanside Division of Family Practice, formed in 2010, is a local non-profit society of community-based primary care physicians based in Central Vancouver Island, consisting of 12 friendly beachside communities.  The Division gives local physicians an opportunity to work collaboratively with Island Health, the GPSC, and the Ministry of Health to identify health care needs in the local community and develop solutions to meet those needs.   Our members work together to increase family practitioner influence on health care delivery in our region, enhance professional satisfaction to general practitioners, and improve patient care in our area. 

No Care Provider?  

If you need medical care and are unattached to a care provider, please consider the following local resources: 

    • Click here to see a list of local Walk-In Clinics (in Nanaimo)
    • Call 8-1-1, HealthLinkBC to get health information and services from a nurse, dietitian or pharmacist. Available 24/7
    • Access the Telus Babylon healthcare app online.  The service provides free doctor consultations for BC residents covered by the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).  You can check your symptoms on the app 24/7.  Hours available for an online consultation are Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 8am-4pm.  If prescriptions are required, they can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice for pickup.  
    • Speak with your pharmacist who may be able to provide an emergency refill of your prescription, including medications for chronic conditions, or advice about over-the-counter medications for minor issues.
    • For non-life threatening illnesses or injuries that need immediate same-day care, please contact the Oceanside Health Centre at (250) 951-9550. Please note that the Urgent Care Centre is not a Walk-in Clinic. Not sure which medical conditions should be appropriately treated at the Oceanside Health Centre? Please have a look at Your Urgent Care Journey .
    • If it is an emergency, please go to the ER or call 9-1-1.
    • While waiting to find a physician you may be eligible to receive services from our Community Health Team at the Oceanside Health Center.  You can self refer by calling 250-951-9550. Our staff will work with you to determine what supports can be offered.
    • Mental Health and Substance Use Walk-in Services for Adolescent and Adults 
      Available M-F 10-00 am – 7:00 Pm Oceanside Health Center (see first floor reception)
    • If you are pregnant, please register with Island Health's prenatal registry

You can also sign up online to have your name added to the Patient Attachment waitlist for Oceanside residents.  Please note that attachment for the Oceanside community is very limited at this time. You will be contacted when there is capacity to attach you to a healthcare provider.  Sign up here >>