Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

How to Get Involved

The Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice represents one of the most powerful vehicles physicians have to effect change in the health care system.

By becoming an active member of the Divisions, you can be involved in making a difference through a vehicle that is well-funded, and well partnered.


A patient-centered approach

The health of a patient is impacted by many factors, not the least of which is the structure of the health care system.  The fundamental focus of our work is concentrated on improving the health care system to benefit patients' overall health and wellness, and this means placing the patient at the centre of that structure.



Consensus and collaboration are at the heart of what we do

All Division work is fundamentally based on a core set of values surrounding consensus and collaboration. As someone considering involvement with the work of a Division, you need to be a person who has the abilities to work within the context of those values. You also value the contribution of other partners in the health care system and of patients.

By working to create change from within the system, we can have the greatest impact on primary health care delivery in the Kootenay Boundary.

Click here to see the impact the Division of Family Practice is having on primary health care in our community now.


Rewards to you

As a physician, it is rewarding for you to contribute and give back to your community.  The Division is a vehicle that can allow you to contribute to the broader health care community as a whole.

On a personal level, Division work can be a very positive experience.  It is wonderful to be able to work with colleagues on something that will benefit everyone in your community, and this  may lead to a greater sense of optimism about the changes that are possible in the health care system.

Members who do committee, board, or project work are paid a sessional fee as per the GPSC rate and specialist rate per hour.


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