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New Online Directory Helps Connect Patients to Virtual Care

A new online directory helps patients access their family doctors virtually by telephone or video. The new Pathways BC Medical Care Directory, is a free tool for patients across British Columbia to look up their doctors, find out how they’re providing virtual care, and how best to connect with their offices to set up a virtual care appointment. Virtual care is covered by the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) like any other doctor visit.

People without a family doctor can enter their community name into the Pathways Directory to find information on doctors in their community who are accepting new patients, as well as information on new virtual care clinics for unattached patients. Supported by teams of local doctors, these new clinics will help people find and establish relationships with family doctors in their communities.

“It’s very important to continue seeing your family doctor for ongoing care especially if you have long-term or chronic conditions,” says Dr. Kathleen Ross, President of Doctors of BC. “Family doctors know their patients best and understand their patients’ medical histories and needs.”

Additionally, the Pathways BC Virtual Medical Directory features practical patient resource materials about COVID -19. A team of physicians reviews the Pathways COVID-19 content weekly to ensure it’s up to date. The materials range from tips for parenting during COVID-19 to cleaning your home to dealing with anxiety.

Pathways is a non-profit organization supported by a partnership between Doctors of BC and the British Columbia Ministry of Health.

Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice is one of 35 divisions in British Columbia that make up the Divisions of Family Practice, an initiative of the Family Practice Services Committee, a partnership between the Province of B.C. and Doctors of B.C. Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice currently has over 400 members that provide primary care services in Anmore, Belcarra, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.


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