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Coping with COVID-19

If you are struggling, that is normal and OK. Many people are. Reach out, tell your friends, partner or family how you are feeling. We need community and care more than ever right now and people thrive on helping each other. Stay informed but don't obsess; set limits on how much information you consume and when. Nourish your body with healthy foods and time outdoors. Nourish your soul with art, music, reading, cuddles with a pet or calls to friends. Start a puzzle. Learn a language. Teach those children how to do chores!
We are here, but wanted to share with you our favourite tools for fighting Anxiety and Depression.


FACE COVID provides a set of practical steps for dealing with the pandemic in a way that we can implement into our own lives.

This video shares an optimistic view of how this pandemic will be remembered in history for its unexpected positive impacts, such as family time and reduced environmental impacts.

There is so much to have gratitude for, there is much reason to have hope, we are ok, we can do this.

(Provided by Drs Keeler, Young and McLurg)