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Family Doctor Waitlist for Patients in New West & Tri-Cities

The Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice Society has found success with the launch of the Patient Attachment Waitlist for New Westminster and the Tri-Cities. Residents who are looking for a longitudinal primary care provider (Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner) can sign up on the waitlist until a match is found in their area. The goal of the waitlist is to streamline and simplify the process of finding a provider - something that has become more challenging in recent years. 

Having a primary care provider has been identified as a key indicator of long-term health and well-being, particularly for those with complex or chronic health conditions. Building a relationship with patients over time and having an intimate knowledge and understanding of their personal health history and journey is a crucial aspect of this. 

“Having a family doctor is important to me because he knows everything that happens to every member of my family, and with that information, he has more tools to take care of us.” - FNW patient. 

For patients finding themselves newly unattached, the process of finding a new provider can be understandably stressful and concerning. “I have had the same family Doctor for the last 43 years. He is intimately aware of my history - history that can't be known by a Doctor at a walk in clinic who has no connection to my family. My family Doctor will soon retire and I am terrified that I will no longer have a family doctor who understands my healthcare needs/history.” - FNW patient. 

While the number of patients connected to a primary care provider through the Attachment Waitlist ultimately depends on the number of Family Doctors and Nurse Practitioners able to accept new patients, the waitlist serves as a mechanism with a clearly defined process for prospective patients to connect with a provider, as well as data for the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice to continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the program.  

To date, the Attachment Waitlist has connected nearly 1500 patients with a primary care provider. 

While waiting to get matched with a provider, patients can access the Pathways BC Virtual Care Directory to find resources and information on virtual care and community services, as well as a list of walk-in clinics in your community.


About Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice Society

The Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice Society is one of 35 divisions in British Columbia that make up the Divisions of Family Practice, an initiative of the Family Practice Services Committee , a partnership between the Province of B.C. and Doctors of B.C. Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice currently has 455 members that provide primary care services in Anmore, Belcarra, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.



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