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Join our Community & Patient Advisory Committee!

This group of volunteers represents the diverse voices of patients and agencies supporting patients in the Fraser Northwest area. They work together with the Fraser Northwest Collaborative Services Committee (CSC) and Fraser Northwest Primary Care Network (PCN) to advocate for patients and ensure they are active collaborators in the healthcare system.

The committee is made up of 10-12 people who represent various health-concerned patient populations in the community. The membership is as diverse as possible to maximize representation from different patient populations and those who experience health inequities due to social determinants of health. The committee will be co-chaired by a Community Member and a local Family Doctor, and ad hoc working groups will be formed to address specific projects.

The committee meets four times a year, but additional meetings can be called as needed. Meeting times and locations will accommodate members who have disability/mobility limitations. The Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice provides meeting and members’ expenses (e.g. secretarial support, refreshments, parking). The term of appointment is two years with two renewals up to a maximum of 3 terms.

Overall, the FNW Community and Patient Advisory Committee is an excellent resource for patients in the Fraser Northwest area, and it ensures that their voices are heard in the healthcare system.


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