Chilliwack Division of Family Practice


The PCN Dietitian offers short-term services that assist individuals in staying healthy and managing chronic conditions through nutritional goals. Treatment may include one-on-one support, group education and connections to local community resources. Services can be provided in-person or virtually depending on individual needs.

The PCN Dietitian is a part of the PCN Chronic Conditions team that will work together to support the individual's overall health. 

Examples of areas that a PCN Dietitian can support include:

  • Support and promotion of healthy lifestyle behaviours through food and nutrition education
  • Impact of nutrition on chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, pain, COPD, heart disease, etc.)
  • Malnutrition (unintentional weight loss or gain)
  • The effects of medication on nutritional intake
  • Restrictive dietary patterns and/or limited intake (e.g., allergies/intolerances, dysphagia, nutrient deficiencies, etc.)
  • Managing digestive disorders (e.g. IBS, IBD, celiac, GERD)
  • Weight-inclusive nutrition care
  • Food literacy (cooking, reading labels, making healthy choices, etc.)
  • Connection to meal programs
  • Developing a resilient relationship with food to address disordered eating (binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating)


  • Individuals must be referred by their family physician or nurse practitioner
  • 18 years of age or older


Please speak with your family physician or nurse practitioner to see if you are eligible for this service.
This service is available in Chilliwack.