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Shared Care


The Burnaby Division of Family Practice works with Shared Care (a Joint Collaborative Committee of Doctors of BC and the BC government) to support the collaboration between Family and Specialist Physicians and partners to improve the coordination of health care for patient populations. We are grateful for the work done by all our physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health, health authority, community partners and patient partners who have supported these projects. 


If you are a physician interested in joining or leading a Shared Care project, please reach out to our staff with your area of interest - new project ideas welcome! (please see contact details below).


Current Projects

Pathology Consult Service
This pilot service provides Burnaby FPs/NPs access to pathologist- guided decision support for the diagnosis and treatment of hyponatremia (low sodium levels). Additional clinical cases will be added as the service expands. The project’s overall aim is to improve patient care and outcomes through specialist and FP/NP collaboration and enhanced communication pathways. Find the listing for this service on Pathways: pathwaysbc.ca/clinics/2208.
To REGISTER and learn more info about the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Medicine Physician Symposium <CLICK HERE>
Sharing Care with Community: Supporting a Patient-Centered Approach to Mental Health Care
Project Status:  Planning/Discovery Phase
The goal of this initiative is to develop a multi-pronged approach that encompasses integrated, patient centered strategies supporting an inter-disciplinary response to the mental health needs of the Burnaby community. By bringing together relevant stakeholders, the initiative plans to increase access to timely, coordinated and appropriate services, especially for those experiencing vulnerabilities limiting access to mental health care.


Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD): Improving Medical Visits for Patients and Providers Across the Spectrum of Care
Project Status:  Planning/Discovery Phase
This initiative aims to empower both adults with IDD and those involved in their circle of care through the development and implementation of locally adapted project outputs, that may include physician and patient resources, to support team-based, patient-centered care. We hope to further support the continuity of care, enhance patient visits in a variety of medical settings and contribute to a deeper understanding of this priority patient population.



Veronica de Jong
Shared Care Project Lead
Burnaby Division of Family Practice


Azra Bhanji
Shared Care Project Coordinator
Burnaby Division of Family Practice