Burnaby Divisions of Family Practice

Global Family Care Clinic

The Global Family Care Clinic provides health care services to new Canadians living in Burnaby, New Westminster, and the surrounding area. It was created to assist those who struggle to access the health care system because of barriers such as language, finances, and lack of family and social support.

The clinic was created through a joint partnership between the Burnaby Division of Family Practice and Fraser Health Authority. With access to interpreters who speak 150 languages, the Global Family Care Clinic is a transitional place where individuals and families are seen for 18-24 months while they settle into community life and learn about our health care system. When they are ready, patients are offered help finding a family doctor in the community for ongoing care.

The clinic is located in the heart of the multicultural Highgate neighborhood at 7315 Edmonds Street and is easily accessed by public transit. 

This is not a walk-in clinic and service is by appointment only.  More information from Fraser Health Authority available - click here