Nanaimo Division of Family Practice

Board Members

The members of the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice Board of Directors are a group of caring, compassionate and dedicated physicians working collaboratively to foster a strong primary care physician community. They provide their time to lead the organization and represent its physician members.

Our Board members...

  • Aim to represent the diversity that exists within our community: Small and large offices; physicians holding full and partial hospital privileges and those who choose not to retain this status; offices providing walk-in clinics and those that don’t; offices using both paper and EMR systems; varying degrees of family practice experience: those recently out of residency, internationally trained, and with profound expertise; perspectives from the full spectrum of a patient’s care journey: primary contact, emergency room and hospitalist physicians.
  • Are supported in their professional development as Directors through education, training, peer and administrative support and more.
  • Represent an organized local network of front line providers who benefit from their connections with regional and provincial peer leaders.
  • Work closely with senior health authority leadership and others who recognize that engaging primary health care is essential to driving health care system change

Individual biographies for each board member are accessible through the navigation bar on the left side of this page.