Nanaimo Division of Family Practice

Collaborative Services Committee

What is the CSC?

The Nanaimo Division's Document of Intent specifies the agreement between the Division, Island Health, the Family Practice Services Committee, Doctors of BC, and the Ministry of Health regarding co-designing priorities and co-designing solutions to improve system sustainability and the experiences of health care providers and patients. 


There is a need and an opportunity to support a shift to a more comprehensive primary care practice organized around patient needs, and supported by partnerships between physicians, the Ministry of Health, health authorities, and other non-government organizations.


Create innovative ways of co-generating solutions to the complex, serious, and interconnected issues facing the health care system, delivery of care, and the experience of care. Our goal is to continually improve patient care and system efficiencies within our sphere of influence.


  • The Nanaimo CSC embodies the collaborative working relationship among the Nanaimo Division, Island Health, FPSC, MoH and BCMA.
  • Through an equal and full partnership, clinical issues of concern with regard to patient care are presented and discussed.
  • Together we co-determine priorities and co-design solutions for improved outcomes, calling on additional voices from patients and the community as needed.
  • The group began monthly meetings in October 2012 and finalized the committee’s terms of reference.
  • We have identified complex, high-needs patients who are frequent users of the acute and primary care system as a current priority with a working group in the planning phase.
  • Priorities will continue to evolve as issues, initiatives, and new programs develop within the community.