Nanaimo Division of Family Practice

Physician Recruitment & Retention

Physician Recruitment and Retention is a member-identified priority of the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice (NDoFP) in their Strategic Plan. 

The attachment gap estimated by the Ministry of Health is 20,420. Our primary care needs far exceed our family physician resources, and we want you!  

For further information on working, living and playing in Nanaimo, please visit our Practice Here page.

To access a list of current Career Opportunities, please visit our click HERE.  

If you would like to speak with our Recruitment Team, please contact us today by email or phone at 250-591-1200.

Local Advisory Committee

We want to welcome the Physician Lead – Dr. Taylor Swanson, Physician Advisor – Dr. Carmen Chornell, UBC Resident Liaisons – Dr. Michelle Workun-Hill and Dr. Ryan Fyfe-Brown, to the Local Recruitment and Retention Advisory Committee. Dr. Swanson and Dr. Chornell bring first-hand experiences to our main work areas, both international recruitment and family medicine resident retention.

Local Recruitment Efforts

The Local Recruitment and Retention program is always looking for physicians interested in supporting local recruitment efforts, specifically, speaking with interested physicians at recruitment workshops and conferences to give potential new colleagues the "insiders" view to practicing in Nanaimo. 

We invite all Nanaimo physicians attending any upcoming conferences to contact us today and become an ambassador for Nanaimo's vibrant medical community by email or call at 250 591-1200.

Locum Resources – Seeking & Posting

Nanaimo Locum Needs List 2020

The Nanaimo Division of Family Practice has developed a Nanaimo Locum Needs List. The list centralizes multiple locum opportunities in Nanaimo and surrounding communities.

Benefits of the Locum Needs List 


  • Access to multiple locum opportunities in Nanaimo and central VI
  • Made for locums – developed by locums
  • No need to provide your email to multiple physicians and clinics 
  • Updated regularly –  many opportunities to choose from
  • Automatically receive a quarterly distribution of the list.


  • Hassle-free advertising – no charge 
  • A platform for multiple locums to see your opportunities at one time
  • Updated regularly so you can send in new opportunities when you have time
  • Ability to post multiple listings for an entire year
  • Locums know locums – the more opportunities we have, the more locums we attract.

If you would like to receive the regular distribution or advertise an opportunity on the Nanaimo Locum Need List, please contact us by email or phone at 250-591-1200.

Family Medicine Resident Resources

We are lucky to have the UBC Family Medicine Resident Program here in Nanaimo as it provides such valuable resources in our community. Residency is a busy and stressful time. We want to make every Resident's experience as smooth and as productive as possible by integrating into the local medical community. We host events such as General and Complex Care Billing Sessions, and social events, including our Annual Summer BBQ! 

The Nanaimo Division, in partnership with Nanaimo's Practice Support Program and other community organizations, offers the following support for Family Medicine Residents: 

Locum & Clinic Placement Support:

  • Monthly updated Locum Needs List. 
  • Introductions to colleagues and mentoring through the Colleague Connections Program
  • Implementation of site visits
  • Interaction with other divisions
  • Facilitation of placement & locums with local clinics


Working together with local Physicians, health authorities, and other stakeholders, we aim to improve your Residency with positive relationships, experiences, and memories to share with your medical community. 

A past group of lovely R2 Residents at the UBC Family Practice Site.

Past Events

  • Colleague Connections
  • Learning Sessions
    • R1 General Billing Session
    • R1 & R2 CDM Billing Session
    • R2 In-Patient & OBS Billing Session
    • New Physician Panel – Transition into Practice
  • Annual Summer BBQ
  • Bowling Night
  • Resident Welcome Division Orientation Breakfast
  • Resident Mentorship Dinner
  • Splash into the New Year

Resident Referral Program

To increase our exposure and natural reach into the family medicine community, we encourage residents to let us know of any referrals they have made to our community. In exchange, we offer gift cards to various fun activities in Nanaimo, including movies, restaurants, local beer, outdoor adventures, and more! 

We want to thank everyone who has participated in this program so far as it has had an immeasurably positive impact on Nanaimo's recruitment efforts. 

Working Group Opportunities

Get invitations to Working Groups, a great place to meet like-minded colleagues, and make a difference in YOUR medical community.

Examples of Working Groups you can be involved with:

  • OBS Collaborative
  • Maternity Working Group
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Resident Care Initiative
  • Substance Use

Contact Information

Please contact us via email or phone at 250-591-1200 for more information on current opportunities.