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Bugs & Drugs

  • Bugs & Drugs is a reference for management of infectious diseases and appropriate antimicrobial use. It is peer-reviewed, evidence-based, and frequently updated. 

Billing Tips

Concussion Management

Colonoscopy Screening

ED to Home

EMR Tip Sheets


Med Access



Healthy Lifestyles


Home Health Monitoring for Heart Failure (Home and Community Care)

Home Health Monitoring for heart failure is monitoring service offered to clients in their home.  Besides measuring their blood pressure, pulse, weight and oxygen saturation, clients complete a daily care plan designed to help them better recognize and respond to their heart failure symptoms.  The information is sent to a nurse who monitors and supports the client.Biometric reports and any medical concerns are communicated to the client’s family physician.

Internal Medicine Consult, Island Health

  • Internal Medicine Advice Line (INTAL) consult line 1-877-370-8699

Integrated Community Services (ICS) - Central Island


Obesity: Children and Adolescents with Obesity

Opiate Management

Pain Management

Palliative Care


Physicians Advocating Wellness (PAW)

Physicians Advocating Wellness are groups of physicians interested in forging greater connections with colleagues through social and educational events

Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE)

Access specialists quickly over the phone.  RACE is a telephone advice resource linking family physicians to specialists. GPs can all one number, choose from a selection of specialty services and speak to the specialist, usually within a few minutes. 
Monday to Friday 0800-1700 hrs.  T: 1-877-696-2131
CME credit available through Linking Learning to Practice

Billing Code: 14018 General Practice urgent telephone conference with a specialist - $40.

Run to Quit

Therapeutics Initiative

Wound Care