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Ethical Recruitment Principles

By participating in the Division’s recruitment program, recruiting clinics, physician candidates, and the Nanaimo Division agree to abide by the principles detailed HERE.

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in arranging a site visit with one or more clinics, please contact our Recruitment Team by email, or call (250) 591-1200. 

Clinic Opportunity

 Island Health Job Posting 

Wallace Street Medical Clinic.

1 Full Time 200-1317 >

Caledonian Clinic Ltd.

3 Full Time 

200-0448 >

Gracemed Clinic.

2 Full Time

200-0650 >

Medical Arts Centre.

2 Full Time & 2 Part Time

200-1218 >

Medical Arts Centre. Full Time / Part Time 200-0618 >
Medical Arts Centre (UPCC). Full Time / Part Time 200-1279 >

Sow's Ear Medical.

2 Full Time 

200-1038 >

Sow's Ear Medical.

1 Part Time

200-1039 >


Locum Opportunities

The Nanaimo Division of Family Practice has developed a Nanaimo Locum Needs List centralizing multiple locum opportunities in Nanaimo.

Benefits of the Locum Needs List:

  • Access to multiple locum opportunities in Nanaimo
  • Made for locums – developed by locums
  • No need to provide various Physicians and clinics with your contact details


  • Hassle-free advertising at no charge 
  • A platform for multiple locums to see your opportunities at one time
  • Updated regularly
  • Ability to post multiple listings for an entire year
  • Locums know locums – the more opportunities we have, the more locums we attract.

If you would like to receive the regular distribution or advertise an opportunity on the Nanaimo Locum Needs List, please sign up here or contact us at 250-591-1200 / by email.


Name of Physician Seeking Locum Dates Needed Contact Info
Dr. Matthew Toom September 15, 2023 - December 31 2024

Wellington Medical Clinic

250-591-1200 |

EMR: Accuro

Requirements: 1.5 days a week available till the end of 2024. No special requirements.

Overhead: 75/25

Dr. Jim Mander

December 18, 2023 - December 30, 2023

Medical Arts Centre

Hitesh Jain, Clinic Manager |

EMR: Profile

Requirements: 80/20 split on overhead. Urgent Care shifts also available.

Dr. Cody Van Valkenburg Mar 4, 2024 - Mar 15, 2024

Caledonian Medical Clinic

Lisa Wall, Clinic Manager |      

EMR: Accuro

Requirements: No maternity, in-patient coverage, or call requirements. Schedule is flexible (days and hours). Overhead is 70/30. Appreciate any level of coverage. 

Dr. Adam Hoverman Dec 13, 2023 - Jan 3, 2024

Wellington Medical Clinic
Crystal Parenteau, Clinic Manager  
250-740-2126 | 

EMR: Accuro

Requirements: As this would specifically be locum coverage for a new to practice (NTP) contract, the pay is set for the duration of total # days of locum coverage ($1264 CAD/day), with no overhead requirement. The primary requirement will be the requisite NTP contract hours reporting.

Overhead: 0%

Dr. Geraldo Ndeve Dec 19, 2023 - Jan 19, 2024

Pacific Station Medical Clinic

Leanne Bulmer, Clinic Manager |

EMR: Accuro

Requirements: Clinic is open Mon-Fri, with flexible working hours. Overhead is 70/30.

Dr. Danielle Downe

May 1, 2023 – Apr 30, 2024

(1 year maternity leave coverage)

Anchor Family Medicine

Shannon Ryan, Clinic Manager |

EMR: MedAccess

Requirements: 2-2.5 days per week (Tuesday p.m., Wednesday a.m., Friday all day – some flexibility in days/hours), hospital/inpatient privileges so no weekend hospital call requirement. No OB but if preferred by locum Physician, is supported. Small procedures, biopsies, IUDs etc. Overhead is 70/30 split and 95/5 for any work done outside of the clinic (hospital/OB/home visits/LTC visits). The host Physician is enrolled under the LFP payment model. As such, the locum Physician will also be able to bill under the payment model.

1 Physician

Long-term Locum

ARC Addiction and Recovery Clinic
Alexander Marback, Manager

EMR: Accuro

Requirements: Monday to Friday 9 am - 4pm. Overhead Negotiable.

1 Physician  Ongoing Locum Opportunities.

Sow's Ear Medical Clinic 

Vicky, Clinic Manager |     

EMR: Med Access

Requirements: No walk-in or call requirements. Schedule is flexible (days and hours) between 8:00am - 5:00pm. Overhead is 70/30. 

1 Physician

Thursdays, ongoing locum opportunities as needed.

AVI Health Centre
Kevin Hornbrook, Clinic Manager
250-754-9111 ext. 3211 (or option 6 on the phone tree)

HIV Primary Care/PrEP/Sexual Health/Gender-affirming Care Locum:

Queer, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans Wellness for all self-identified Trans and Gender Non-Binary people and for self-identified Men who have sex with Men, Sexual Health Services/HIV Primary Care and PrEP prescribing with follow-up care/Gender-affirming Care, Community Health Centre, relevant HIV training and/or interest in Queer, Gay, Bi, Trans Health.

EMR: Input

Requirements: No hospital privileges required, no on-call responsibilities.

1 Physician

Ongoing Locum opportunities Monday-Wednesday daytime hours, when coverage is needed.

Regular Tuesday session available.

AVI Health Centre
Kevin Hornbrook, Clinic Manager
250-754-9111 ext. 3211 (or option 6 on the phone tree)

OAT/Substance Use Services Locum:

Low-barrier OAT and Substance Use Sessions, relevant education and training to prescribe opioid agonist treatment as outlined in standards, Community Health Centre.

EMR: Input

Requirements: No hospital privileges required, no on-call responsibilities.

1 Physician Long-term Locum

Gracemed Clinic
Mabel Houghton, Office Manager

EMR: Profile/ Intrahealth

Requirements: No special requirements

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