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KB Physician Wellness & Culture
KB Division’s Physician Wellness & Culture Program aims to support local health care practitioners by creating opportunities that support our wellness as individuals and as a community, and that shift our medical culture in positive ways. We invite you to explore our curated list of offerings.
Professional & Personal Coaches | Peer Support & Clinical Services (CAMP & PHP) | Wellness & Culture Events



Professional & Personal Coaches

Offered by:
Our committee’s curated coaches, check out their bios below!

What is it?:
We have the answers we need - and great coaches create the space to ask the right questions skillfully. Kootenay Boundary’s excellent local qualified coaches can offer help through active listening, withholding judgment, and thoughtful questioning on themes such as:

  • Leadership (staff management, team building, staff empowerment, conflict resolution)
  • Personal wellness (life goals, sustainability & satisfaction)
  • Workflow (practice efficiency, effective care plan processes)
  • Professional and personal transitions planning

Each coach offers a different approach to accompany you on your wellness journey. Coaches are expected to refer members to external assistance when a member requires different services.

How to access:
Check out the bios below, and contact coaches directly for more info - including fee, length and/or number of sessions.

Self-paid. KB Division cannot subsidize private coaching.




BA Psychology
Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Click here to learn more about Susan &
how to connect for coaching

As a certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation, I help people from all over the world create more of what they want in their one precious life. Because of our work together, they end up having increased clarity, joy and impact in the world.

Together, we can focus on listening deeply to what matters most, so you can live and contribute in a way that feels doable and delightful. We integrate the dance between doing and being, which changes the way we connect with ourselves and others. Sometimes we all get stuck in our heads, and the heart needs tending to. Together, we can see beyond the limiting thinking and explore what is truly calling you.

Over twenty years ago I went into coaching with the focus on what matters most. My coaching career has included training and mentoring new coaches, developing programs, offering various courses and workshops, always with a focus on 1-1 clients.

Given what's up in your life, what do you want to create as you journey forward? If you'd like to explore that question, contact me below. I work globally via Zoom and phone, and in person in Nelson, BC.

Email Susan: susan@susanmerzanderson.com

Website: www.susanmerzanderson.com




Current Hospitalist, CoActive Certified Coach, Coach for Seth Godin's altMBA and UBC Family Medicine Program

Click here to learn more about Ainsley &
how to connect for coaching

Dr Ainsley McCaskill is an accredited coach and Hospitalist living in the Kootenays. She's trained in CoActive and Lightyear coaching models. She coaches Physicians, UBC Family Med Residents and Seth Godin's altMBA business leadership program. Ainsley helps her clients identify a clear vision of what they want and how to get it. In addition to individual sessions, Ainsley has developed a program that lends her experience in the business innovation space to physicians, transforming their work experience. As a physician herself, Ainsley knows that the pace of life in medicine makes it hard to set aside time to 'figure things out'. Her high-yield sessions help her clients make confident, meaningful changes.

Email Ainsley at ainsleylewiscoaching@gmail.com.

Connect online: instagram @radicalsandwiches

Ainsley’s website: www.ainsleylewiscoaching.com



Professional Integral Coach (PCM) - Integral Coaching Canada - 2020, 2022
The Professional Goal-Centric Certified Coach (PGCC) - John Molson Executive Centre - Concordia University - 2007

Click here to learn more about Alicia &
how to connect for coaching

For more than 20 years, Alicia has helped individuals and organizations achieve growth that deeply matters to their personal and professional well-being. She has worked most recently in primary health care in the Kootenays, and previously in the non-profit, public, higher education, and philanthropic sectors across Canada and internationally. 

Through a lens of organizational culture, management, and leadership she is attuned to the frequent disconnect between leaders'/organizations' external purpose and everyday internal dynamics. Alicia is passionate about coaching that allows clients to be deeply heard, work from their strengths, recognize what may be stuck, and discover a meaningful way forward.

She holds a Masters in Human Systems Intervention & Organizational Development and is a certified practitioner in Restorative Justice, Yasodhara Yoga, and Integral Coaching.

Contact Alicia: pace.alicia@gmail.com, Ph. 778-962-0116

Sessions run from 60 – 90 mins and are on zoom.





The Isolated Medical Provider Aftercare Team (IMPACT)

Offered by:
The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc)

What is it?:
A new peer support initiative for rural doctors and nursing station nurses in BC who have experienced a potentially challenging incident in the course of their work. These incidents might include cases involving a child, multiple casualties, or a friend or family member of the provider. IMPACT peer supporters are rural health care providers who understand the unique challenges of providing care in rural and remote settings. All discussions with an IMPACT peer supporter are completely confidential. IMPACT does not maintain documentation of the conversations between peer supporters and medical providers. 

How to access:
To directly request peer support, rural doctors and nursing station nurses may call 1-236-631-9090
Colleagues, managers, patient transfer coordinators, or anyone else may also request peer support on behalf of a rural doctor or nursing station nurse by calling IMPACT at 1-236-361-9090. 

Explore more info:
Check out the IMPACT program webpage > or email IMPACT@rccbc.ca.


Peer Support | UBC Rural CPD’s Coaching & Mentoring Program (CAMP)

Offered by:
UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Division of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and in partnership with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC.

What is it?:
Peer Support is direct physician-to-physician encouragement, feedback, and emotional support with personal or professional issues. Peer support mentors listen and are trained to provide confidential support to their colleagues (and have often gone through the same challenges you may be experiencing!)

CAMP coaches/mentors can provide support in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Transitions in practice
  • Clinical topics
  • Personal wellness and more

Support can take many forms, from an occasional phone call with a coach/mentor to a site visit to shadow a specialist as they perform procedures you don’t see often in your town. 

The length of the program is up to 35 hours of peer support over the course of nine months. You can work with one or multiple coaches/mentors. Participants, or coachees, can also earn 35 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits through this incredibly flexible program.

Interested in becoming a CAMP coach/mentor? Coaches/mentors are paid an hourly sessional rate of $158.97 for time spent working with their coachee/mentee(s), up to 35 hours per coachee over 9 months or longer, and for attending an optional 14 hours of Coach/Mentor Skill Development sessions. Coach/Coachee pairs receive $2000 for travel if applicable. Mainpro+ Group Learning and MOC Section 1 credits are also available. 

How to Access:
Coaches and coachees simply register for the program here: https://bit.ly/CAMP-CPD,
or contact the CAMP team for more info at camp.rcpd@ubc.ca.

Free, funded by the JSC. All fully or provisionally licensed physicians practising in KB are eligible, as are rural BC locum physicians, or resident physicians in BC who plan to enter rural practice.

Explore more info:  
Check out CAMP’s webpage >



KB Local Physician CAMP Coach

Click here to learn more about Tandi &
how to connect 

Dr. Tandi Wilkinson is a rural family physician who left her generalist practice many years ago to practice full time rural emergency medicine. She currently works in Nelson, BC and Yellowknife, with extensive experience in rural and remote settings, including indigenous communities. Dr. Wilkinson has a special interest in point of care ultrasound, and created and led the UBC CPD HOUSE Program. More recently, she completed a research project on physician peer support, and has created a workshop and many small group sessions on this topic. Through her longstanding association with UBC RCPD, initially as medical director, Dr. Wilkinson has extensive experience in medical leadership. She is innovative, intuitive, and insightful with experience and interest in supporting the wellness of physicians. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors as much as possible.

To connect with Tandi, simply follow the CAMP ‘how to access’ program details above. 




Peer Support & Clinical Services | The BC Physician Health Program (PHP)

Offered by:
The Physician Health Program (PHP) is governed by members of the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC. 

What is it?:

PHP offers clinical services for physicians, trainees, and family members. Clinical services include:

  • A 24/7 confidential helpline (1-800-663-6729) where you can be connected immediately with a licensed Lifeworks clinical counsellor for intake assessments and crisis counselling. This line also acts as an access point to the services described below. 
  • Short-term counselling (up to 6, 1-hr sessions) from a network of clinical counsellors who are trained and experienced in supporting physicians. The counselling service is provided in partnership with an external vendor, Lifeworks. 
  • Physician-to-physician peer support to help with personal or professional issues, such as dealing with a complaint, a negative clinical outcome, or workload stress. There is no set number of 1:1 peer support conversations, as it depends on the need and what both parties decide would be most helpful.
  • Free virtual drop-in peer support sessions via zoom with PHP Physician Lead Dr. Anne Nguyen, and Registered Clinical Counsellor Roxanne Joyce to share the issues and challenges you are facing. Sessions focus on peer support, not psychiatric care. Participants may join anonymously and/or just listen. The drop in sessions occur every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm PST.
    Register for zoom sessions here >>

How to Access:
Contact PHP's 24/7 helpline at 1-800-663-6729, or email info@physicianhealth.com - you'll be connected to a clinical coordinator who will lead you to the most appropriate service.

Free. All services, including the virtual peer support group, the 1:1 physician peer support, and the short-term counselling are available at no cost. If the physician would like to continue seeing the counsellor they are matched with, they can self-pay beyond the 6 sessions.

Explore more info:
Check out the Physician Health Program (PHP) website >



KB Wellness & Culture Events

Offered By:
Your KB Division Physician Wellness & Culture Program

KB Division's Physician Wellness & Culture Program brings physicians together through in-person events & virtual activities to support wellness & strengthen culture. Past events have included the Transforming our Work CPD workshop, the Celebrating & Renewing Our Connections dinner event, and a virtual reflective writing workshop, among others.

How to Access:
All KB Division members receive invites straight to their inbox ~ simply stayed tuned for upcoming events.

Free for all KB Division members



The KBDoFP’s Physician Wellness and Culture Program is part of the newly established PHP Physician Wellness Network.
The Physician Wellness & Culture steering committee values your confidential feedback on any of the above services.
Confidential Feedback / Questions / Suggestions: Contact Leila Dale, Physician Wellness & Culture Project Lead, at ldale@kbdivision.ca



 The information on this webpage is current as at: September 2022.