Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Telehealth - Virtual Care

The Shared Care Virtual Care project is entering its final stretch of work exploring options for video conferencing for patient care and remote consultation access to specialists through secure messaging.

Some key accomplishments include:Virtual Care for Better Communication and Increased Access!

  • Increased opportunities for patients to access specialist services by video conferencing with eight specialists engaged.
  • The KB has led the implementation of pre-surgical screening telehealth clinics now being adopted in Vernon and Kelowna.
  • The region is one of the first in BC to create in-clinic access for video conferencing from primary care clinics.
  • Another first in BC is the link between rural emergency departments and the ICU team in Trail.
  • Improving communication with specialists to provide access for remote consultations with the introduction of secure MicrobloggingMD (MBMD) messaging to the KB. The MBMD application is successfully improving physician communication, informing patient care treatment plans and improving physicians’ ability to care for patients. It's currently being used by a variety of practitioners, including GPs, SPs, nurses, and allied health providers Watch these videos to learn more!
  • KB Division has been collaborating with three other Divisions of Family Practice in Interior BC to share learnings and spread the use of secure messaging for remote consultations. As part of this collaboration the team is on the Connected Medicine National Collaborative through the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement.


For more information on virtual care, contact Mona Mattei mmattei@divisionsbc.ca. For a 1-1 face to face (or virtual) tutorial session on the MBMD messaging App, contact Paul  Edney pedney@divisionsbc.ca.