Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Long Term Care Initiative

  • Res Care Pic 1The focus of KB Division's Long Term Care Initiative is to improve quality of care in long term care in the Kootenay Boundary region.
  • Over the 3 years since this project commenced, significant improvement has been made in Kootenay Boundary for indicators relating to the five best practices set out by the FPSC and MoH. We have seen significantly reduced ED transfers and admissions, use of antipsychotics and polypharmacy. As well, there has been improvement in perceived meeting of the five best practices by the physicians engaged in residential care resulting in improved provider experience.
  • Ongoing local and regional meetings engage inter-disciplinary participants to remedy issues, concerns, and strive towards best practice in residential care. The regional meeting also provides an opportunity to advance practice by all disciplines through education on broad issues faced in residential care.
  • As well as discussing data at these meetings, best practices from sites and by physicians are shared, creating an effective environment for mentoring, shared learning, and a team-based approach to care.
  • MoH data relating to the five best practices was received and reported at the meetings to further consider practices and barriers to best practice. For example, in one area, physicians and two residential sites are looking at how to rework their systems to have increased physician participation in inter-disciplinary team conferences and to have the conferences be more meaningful.

Dementia Tools for Practitioners and Families

Dementia Roadmap for Practitioners:

A roadmap for outlining the stages of dementia - symptoms, sign-posts, good questions and tasks for the practitioner. Developed by Dr. Trevor Janz with support from KB Division*.

Click here to download

Dementia Roadmap for Families:

A roadmap for outlining the stages of dementia for patients and their families. Developed by Dr. Trevor Janz with support from KB Division*.

Click here to download the electronic version

This tool has also been adapted by the Vancouver Division of Family Practice to be available in Chinese language: Click here to download.

If you wish to print the Dementia Roadmap for Families locally, a full resolution, print-ready file is available, please contact kbdoctors@divisionsbc.ca.

*Please do not print or alter without prior written consent


When Your Loved One Has Dementia Roadmap