Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Emergency Medicine Network

The aim of the KB Emergency Medicine project is to establish a Kootenay Boundary Emergency Medicine Network involving all Emergency Department teams to collaboratively provide continuous quality improvement for emergency care for patients.


The Network will:
● support skill development in rural sites for quality patient care,
● improve response time to action across sites for transport,
● improve and support rural and remote on-site capacity for care,
● streamline processes, and
● improve communications and relationships between ED teams and with regional and tertiary services
This provides support for patients from their primary care network and allows for not only improved outcomes with the decision-making supports, but also to support repatriation and care planning for the patient’s return home.
Creating the network between emergency teams and, in particular with the regional trauma center in Trail, will
● provide the decision supports needed for rural sites,
● develop the interprofessional capacity of health care teams to meet critical care needs,
● ensure care for patients to be managed locally where possible,
● improve protocols and processes with standardization across the region,
● and improve transport access and lessen time to action for patients.
Networked teams will lead to the enhanced capacity to meet patient needs through the sustainability of rural emergency services and the additional benefits such as the increased capacity to recruit and retain new providers.

  • Development of medical imaging patient transfer form to provide clear communications between sites for patient disposition and repatriation.
  • Securing a dedicated car for the high acuity response team (HART) for quicker deployment from KBRH to remote sites for site support and transport (starting April 2019);
  • Support to pilot a non-urgent ambulance transport car for daily diagnostics / specialty supports in KBRH from Nelson and Castlegar (led by BCEHS);
  • Local team engagements in seven sites to create interest and a body of knowledge for regional gathering in fall 2019;
  • Social Network Analysis identifying current state of team relations and interdependencies.

Questions? Want to learn more?
Contact Project Manager, Mona Mattei