Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

NELSON – Solis Integrative Health


Solis Integrative Health (IHA-9247)


Multidisciplinary clinic seeking longitudinal care family physicians wishing to work in a collaborative environment. Our team provides a collegial and supportive environment in which we offer case discussion and exploration of various treatment modalities. With an Indigenous Medicine healer on board, our clinic offers culturally sensitive and compassionate care to a diverse population. The clinic has also developed strong ties to community allied health care professionals with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

Lucrative New-to-Practice Salaried contract available (up to full-time) to physicians who don't have an established patient panel in BC. Care for up to 800 patients under a 2-year salaried contract with generous recruitment incentives for new grads (Additional $25,000 sign-in bonus and up to $130,000 in debt repayment - including private loans and line or credits). Enquire for details.


- Successful applicants would establish their own practice panel in this community where we
currently have some 18,000 unattached patients.
- Flexible hours and schedule, full time and part time
- Spacious elegant exam rooms with large windows in a heritage house
- Competitive overhead model
- Possibility of participating in hospital in-patient call schedules, but not required
- Team dinners, case discussions




Nelson. Small town cosmopolitan meets the great outdoors

You’ve no doubt already heard great things about Nelson. 

Living here, and practicing medicine here, we can tell you that yes, it is all true. Nelson is a very special place. 

Here, you’ll find all the requisite beauty, outdoor recreation and adventure of rural British Columbia, paired with a storybook small town setting, a walkable and vibrant downtown, arts and culture galore, and a thriving live music and theater scene. Nelson’s unique brand of small-town cosmopolitan offers so much more than you might expect from a town of 10,000 people.

Let’s start by defining terms. People ask whether Nelson is an art town, or a ski town? We’ve been named the best small art town in Canada, and North America’s best ski town. Others might call us a great mountain bike town, boating town, shopping town, foodie town. And we wonder, do we have to choose just one? 

We’d love to tell you about the arts scene and the ski scene over a cup of truly excellent coffee, or a craft brew, followed by a fresh and delicious meal at one of our 30+ locally-owned restaurants. 

We’d tell you about the over 350 restored heritage buildings that form the charming backdrop to an impressive selection of dining, shopping, festivals, live music and performance options. We’d talk about our local ski hill, Whitewater Resort. (We call it powder hound heaven.) It’s a laid- back, nothing fancy kind of place that gets everything just right: really deep snow, plenty of advanced and expert runs and a restaurant with food so good, it inspired a line of bestselling cookbooks. 

We’d also let you know about life on the lake, with the many opportunities for getting outside that this provides. A morning kayak, a winter sail, long summer days of water-skiing and boating, family beach days – life on pristine Kootenay Lake is unparalleled, and many of us choose to live right on the lake for this very reason. 

We’d tell you about the rowing club, the tennis club, the squash club, the cross-country ski club and of course the golf club. We’d talk about the 270 km of mountain bike trails, including plenty of technical single track, and the 182+ trails in our local trail network, ready for you to hike, run, bike or simply take your dog for a walk.

Nelson. Come to play or come to stay.



Compensation Type: Fee-for-Service/ Longitudinal Family Physician Payment Model

Estimated Remuneration: $250k-$400 Gross

Physician Overhead: Contact us! 



Vacation Leave: Negotiable

May be eligible for additional remuneration in accordance with the Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) including:

  • Retention Premium: 11.34%
  • Retention Flat Fee: $17,573.76
  • Relocation Funding Available: $9,000 - $15,000
  • Recruitment Incentive: $15,000 based on FT
  • Other Benefits/Incentives

CME funding: Up to 2 years $440; In 3rd & 4th year $2,640; after 4 years $4,840 Rural Incentives are subject to change and current rates are confirmed at time of offer. Candidates with a BC or Canada student loan may be eligible for loan forgiveness programs.

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