Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Selkirk Pre Med Scholarship

The evidence is clear: students from a rural background are more likely to choose a career in rural medicine. These same students are underrepresented in applicant pools of medical schools across Canada. The Selkirk College Rural Pre-Medicine program is changing these statistics and guiding rurally-inclined students on their pathway to becoming a doctor.

The Pre Med Scholarship is awarded to promising Kootenay Boundary students in the Selkirk College Rural Pre-Medicine program who demonstrate a financial need and the potential and intention to be a rural physician. Please consider making a donation online. Tax receipts are provided.

  1. Visit selkirk.ca/donate-today
  2. Complete the form. In the Designation section, choose "Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice Fund"
  3. Click "Donate" and you're done! 

Thank you for your support of future, rural physicians!

Recipients are selected for the scholarship by the Rural Pre-Medicine faculty. Students are considered to qualify as Kootenay Boundary if they have graduated from a Kootenay Boundary high school or have had their primary residency at an address in the Kootenay Boundary area for at least the past 36 consecutive months as of the selection period for the scholarship.

Medical staffs across the Kootenay Boundary are committing funds, matched by the Division, to support students in financial need to enroll in our local Selkirk College Pre-Med Program.

Since its launch this project has raised over $20,000 expected to support an overall 15-20 students with their pre-med studies. 

Doctors who train rural, remain rural.


Questions? Contact Paul Edney at pedney@kbdivision.ca.