Communication Material

RCI Brochure
Helps physicians know more about the facility, how to access it. It is distributed to all physicians with patients in res care, to their clinic staff, and the facilities. Build from the Nanaimo RCI brochure. Submitted from the Comox Valley Division of Family Practice.

Questions doctors have about the Residential Care Initiative. Note: some questions are specific to Nanaimo. Submitted by the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice. 
Best Practices Expectations
Expanded definition of the 5 best practices guidelines. You can also access a letter of agreement that physicians sign to indicate they are agreeing to work toward the 5 best practices. Submitted by the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice.

RCI Brochure 
Overview of the Residential Care Initiative program to give the GPs (in Nanaimo). Submitted by the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice.

Explanatory video 
Video explaining what the Residential Car Initiative is. Submitted by the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice .      

RCI e-Newsletter 
Bi-monthly newsletter to RCI GPs for updates on program activities. Submitted by the Richmond Division of Family Practice.

Victoria Division of Family Practice Residential Care Service Proposal
Proposal – Victoria Division of Family Practice Concentrated-Care Network Service Delivery Model proposal (TORCH). It summarizes the evidence for choosing a concentrated model and weekly visits to the facility.  It also has a bit about “sticky” issues preventing involvement in Residential Care.

Victoria Division of Family Practice RCI presentation to GPs*
Presentation to GP’s in Victoria and Saanich Peninsula to introduce them to RCI MOU and receive feedback.  It outlines how the MOU features where chosen.  The feedback received during the event was that the GP’s were supplied the TORCH practice model wasn’t more prominent in the planning.

The Fraser Nor’wester Newsletter
Newsletter - sent to Fraser Northwest DoFP members to educate them about the Residential care initiative.

“Initiatives in nursing homes in New Westminster to take affect Every senior in nursing home to get dedicated doctor”
Press release -  sent to local community papers

Residential Care Initiative Information for Fraser Northwest Community GPs
letter to GPG - faxed to each GP who had a resident, to educate them about the program.

Communications infosheet and Key messages
Communications info sheet with key messages and fact sheets about the provincial res care program. The info sheet is aimed to help divisions share their local res care information and includes content like initiative milestones/timelines, funding, and background – including the prototype projects.

Early Results: Residential Care Infographic 
A summary and graphic of the Residential Care Initiative work in five communities: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Prince George, South Okanagan Similkameen, and White Rock - South Surrey. Developed by the Central Communications team.  

* To access these tools, please contact Michelle Briere.