Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

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Member Information

Membership is open to all physicians living and/or practising on the Lower Sunshine Coast, including specialists, locums, and recent retirees. Membership is free! The amount of time you dedicate to Division activities is flexible and your involvement is entirely at your discretion. Help us create a strong local voice for medical practitioners by joining now. 

Member Benefits

Being a member of the Division offers a number of potential benefits including:

  • a collective voice in designing solutions to local problems
  • greater impact on the organization of local health services within the Sunshine Coast division practice area
  • enhanced professional collegiality and access to physician health and wellness programs
  • shared efforts for recruitment, retention, and locum challenges
  • strong working relationships with VCH, the Ministry of Health, and Doctors of BC
  • financial compensation for the time you spend working towards local solutions
  • strong financial, administrative, and practice support for information technology programs and pilot projects.

How to Become a Member

Complete the online membership application form or download an application form and join now!

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