Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

Top 10 Reasons to NOT Practice on the Sunshine Coast



You prefer to work 24/7

Okay you workaholics, the Coast may not be for you. The work-life balance and relaxed way of living on the Sunshine Coast will drive you batty. You’ll resist the support of your Physician colleagues and will hate the locums who allow you to take holidays! Walk away now!


You want someone else to define your practice for you

Can’t make a decision about the scope of medicine to practice? Prefer a simple urban clinical practice? The Coast is not for you. Here a rural practice allows GPs to explore specialties like Anesthesia, Obstetrics. Emergency Medicine, In-patient Care, Addictions Medicine, GP Oncology, Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine both in hospital and in the community, or to develop their own unique sub-specialties.


You prefer your couch potato lifestyle

Sure, you can choose to huddle inside with Netflix, but why would you do that on the Coast? You no longer have exhausting commutes. Instead, the Coast offers work, outdoor, arts, and cultural opportunities with commute times usually only minutes from home. There’s an active cultural scene of artists, writers, dancers and musicians that brings music and other events virtually every day and certainly every weekend. Each fall, the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl allows people from across the continent to experience the Coast’s vibrant arts and culture community.


You hate neighbours and want to be alone

That’s not happening either! The Coast community is inclusive and diverse. Residents across the Coast work together to create thriving communities. There’s a level of volunteerism across the Coast rarely seen in other communities. Unfortunately, people are welcoming.


You are afraid of water

This is the Sunshine Coast, remember? With ocean fishing and boating never more than a few minutes away, as well as gorgeous kayaking, paddle boarding, kite-boarding and wind surfing opportunities all along the coast, this place will haunt your nightmares. To make it worse, the Sunshine Coast offers world class diving opportunities and the Skookumchuck rapids is one of the great whitewater wonders of the world, attracting thrill-seekers from across the globe. This is no place for you!


You get lost going around the city block

Well, if you LIKE getting lost, this might work. Sculpted by the Strait of Georgia, the Sunshine Coast peninsula’s rocky shoreline quickly fades into a mystic, coastal rainforest. Inside you’ll find a labyrinth of diverse hiking and mountain biking trails including the renowned Sunshine Coast Trail and the Coast Gravity Park. Winter brings the opening of Dakota Ridge, offering groomed crosscountry skiing and over 14 kilometres of snowshoeing trails.


You’re ridiculously rich and like to flaunt it exclusively

Okay, you spent millions on that ocean view condo in Vancouver, but all that money means less here. The Coast offers homes of all price ranges, many with ocean views, and all within a few minutes of beaches/the ocean. Local farms produce fresh summer produce at prices similar to local grocery stores and community amenities are available across the coast. So much for feeling moneyed and special.


You want to pay, pay, pay for private school

Yes, Vancouver has some excellent private schools, and you can afford them. If you don’t want smaller school sizes and supportive learning environments at no cost, the Coast definitely isn’t for you.


You want to live a gajillion miles from anywhere

If you want to live a long way from civilization, this isn’t the right place for you. The amenities of Vancouver are only a relaxing 40 minute ferry ride away.


Tradition is EVERYTHING to you

If you’re the person who dislikes change, unfortunately for you, Coast Physicians and Clinics, along with the Coast Division of Family Practice are innovators with the development of close working relationships between physicians and other health professionals leading to innovation such our maternal health collaborative, and family practice/midwifery collaborative. They are currently working on a single Electronic Medical Record system across Coast clinics.