Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

Practice Efficiency Strategy (PES)

Clinic Office Supports
Patient Education and Health Literacy


  • Collection of actions aimed at building office efficiency
  • Through on-line resource, offer patient education and health literacy support

Short-term outcomes

  • Streamlined office practices
  • Improved GP knowledge and understanding of EMR billing practices
  • Improved relationships between GPs and patients
  • Improved GP communication between clinics and hospital
  • Patients more informed about local health resources/supports
  • Improved patient health literacy

Medium and long-term impacts

  • Improved capacity of local primary care system
  • Improved patient access that enables more people to find a family physician
  • Streamlined care coordination
  • Optimize effectiveness of current primary care system
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Increased GP satisfaction
  • Supports the Triple Aim

Target populations

  • Family physicians
  • Patients
  • Community
  • Medical office assistants